XRP Now Accepted for AirX Flight Bookings

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XRP widespread adoption continues to expand into new realms, this time extending into the travel and tourism industry, particularly air travel.

Booking Flights with XRP

BitPay, a prominent cryptocurrency payment processor, has recently unveiled that XRP enthusiasts can now utilize their XRP holdings to pay for air travel services. BitPay shared this exciting development through an official statement on its platform.

According to the announcement, XRP holders now have the option to make payments for flight services offered by AirX, a renowned private jet operator. BitPay’s statement emphasizes the ease and security of conducting transactions using XRP for AirX services:

“Travel effortlessly with AirX, offering a range of bespoke services catering to your needs. You can pay with XRP via BitPay for fast and secure transactions.” 

In essence, this means that AirX has integrated BitPay as a payment gateway, allowing customers to book private jet flights using XRP, among other supported cryptocurrencies. The announcement has generated substantial enthusiasm among Ripple investors, with some interpreting it as a positive signal for the digital asset’s future prospects.

“It feels like the bull is getting ready,” one enthusiastic XRP supporter remarked, expressing optimism regarding XRP’s price potential.

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Similarly, an XRP advocate named Luke Thomas in the United States expressed his excitement over XRP gaining recognition as more than just a bridge asset for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). He celebrated it as another practical use case for Ripple.

It’s important to note that although BitPay’s official announcement highlighted XRP, it’s reasonable to assume that other supported cryptocurrencies may also be accepted for booking AirX flights.

XRP Adoption Beyond Air Travel

Luxury car manufacturer Ferrari recently reported that it would now accept cryptocurrencies, including XRP, as payment for their high-end vehicles, further extending the adoption of XRP beyond flight bookings.

Furthermore, residents in the United States have the option to pay their electricity bills, broadband services, mortgages, and more using XRP, underlining its growing utility in everyday financial transactions.

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