XRP Makes Its Gaming Debut as BitPay and Xsolla Partner for Digital Fun

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BitPay, the renowned cryptocurrency payment provider, has exciting news for gamers as they introduce XRP as a new payment option for purchasing and enjoying games on Xsolla, a prominent video gaming startup.

In a recent announcement via X’s official platform, BitPay revealed that gamers now have the flexibility to use XRP to acquire and engage in Xsolla’s game offerings, including popular titles such as SMITE and Roblox.

BitPay’s message was clear and enthusiastic, emphasizing the ability to use your preferred cryptocurrency to enhance your gaming experience like never before.

“You can use your favorite cryptocurrency to buy, play, and enjoy gaming like never before,” BitPay said.

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Xsolla’s Gaming Realm

Xsolla, a global video game startup established in 2005, specializes in providing robust tools and services tailored to the gaming industry’s needs. 

Over the years, the company has paved the way for game developers, enabling them to market, launch, and monetize their games on multiple platforms.

Xsolla’s primary mission centers around assisting its partners in expanding their reach to diverse locations, boosting revenue streams, and forging valuable partnerships with top gamers. The company’s strategy involves addressing the inherent challenges associated with the global distribution of games effectively. 

Additionally, Xsolla has revealed its participation in the forthcoming Money 20/20 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

BitPay and Xsolla’s Enduring Partnership

The collaboration between Xsolla and BitPay traces its roots back to 2014, when Xsolla initially teamed up with BitPay to facilitate Bitcoin (BTC) payments for gamers on a global scale. Their partnership has remained strong over the years, with Xsolla continuously embracing various cryptocurrencies supported by BitPay. 

Notably, BitPay recently made waves by announcing that Xsolla would be among the pioneering merchants to accept PayPal USD (PYUSD), allowing users to make online purchases using this stablecoin.

Today’s confirmation from BitPay signifies that Xsolla is extending its payment options to include XRP, further expanding its cryptocurrency offerings.

BitPay’s Embrace of XRP

It’s worth recalling that BitPay welcomed XRP into its fold in 2019, following its strategic partnership with Ripple’s investment arm, Xpring. 

However, due to regulatory concerns stemming from the SEC’s allegations against Ripple for violating federal securities law, BitPay, like many U.S.-based crypto-related companies, temporarily ceased processing XRP-related payments.

The landscape shifted when a court ruling declared XRP as non-security, enabling BitPay to relist the cryptocurrency on its platform in August. 

The official statement from BitPay emphasized that users can now purchase XRP, securely store it in the BitPay Wallet, buy gift cards, exchange XRP, and engage in transactions with BitPay’s extensive network of merchants.

BitPay users now have the freedom to utilize XRP for transactions at many merchants, including prominent names such as AMC Theaters, Newegg, Hublot, AirBaltic, Namecheap, and Scan Computers.

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Rising Adoption of XRP Payments

Beyond BitPay’s efforts, Ripple and other entities, like FCF Pay, have played pivotal roles in fostering the widespread acceptance of XRP as a versatile and convenient payment method.

Previously, Ripple partnered with crypto payment provider Lunu, enabling luxury retailers in Berlin to embrace digital currencies, including XRP, via its Liquidity Hub. 

Additionally, FCF Pay unveiled an innovative solution, allowing Bitcoin miners to settle their electricity bills using XRP, exemplifying this cryptocurrency’s growing utility and versatility.

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