XRP Community Celebrates as Ripple Showcases Ad at EPL

Ripple Showcases Ad at EPL

The XRP community is buzzing with excitement as Ripple’s ad appears in an unexpected spot, grabbing everyone’s attention.

In a recent tweet, well-known crypto influencer Amelie highlighted Ripple’s ad at an English Premier League (EPL) football stadium. Ripple’s logo and name were visibly featured in the corners of the football pitch during a weekend English Premier League match.

According to the tweet, the Ripple ad was spotted during Saturday’s Bournemouth versus Arsenal game.

The crypto influencer suggested that, with Ripple advertising within the football community, XRP, connected to Ripple, could significantly impact the global financial landscape.

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XRP Community Feedback

As expected, Ripple enthusiasts and others reacted positively to the news. Many confirmed seeing the Ripple ad during the match and shared optimistic views about XRP, seeing Ripple’s effort to connect with a community of potential retail users.

A prominent crypto trader voiced, โ€œExciting to see Rippleโ€™s presence in the EPL game! XRP potential is intriguing.โ€ 

Brett Hill, the administrator of xSTIK, an NFT project on the XRP Ledger (XRPL) blockchain, also highlighted the Ripple ad. He showed optimism about XRP’s future value because of Ripple’s efforts, encouraging others to join as XRP holders. Hill commented:

โ€œJoin the global financial revolution with XRP โ€“ the ultimate game-changer.โ€

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Ripple’s Earlier Advertisement

Meanwhile, Ripple has previously promoted its crypto-based business to an unexpected audience. In June, The Crypto Basic revealed that Ripple had placed an ad around the head office of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in Washington, DC.

The Ripple billboard was specifically placed right across from the entrance of the SEC’s office, displaying: โ€œWeโ€™re building a better future for finance. Are you?โ€ 

The community members were intrigued by the smart message and strategic placement of the billboard.

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