World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Confirms Launch into Metaverse

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Confirms Launch into Metaverse

As other industry keeps diving into the metaverse space and its adoption keeps growing, World Wrestling Entertainment doesn’t want to be left behind on this new innovation.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to Leverage on Metaverse as Tool to Connect With Fans

According to an announcement on February 7, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has announced that they will enter a virtual world to unite WWE fans around the world. This was revealed by WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon during her fourth earnings call for 2021.

Stephanie McMahon made it clear in her statement that WWE, as a community-based company, will use the virtual world as an opportunity and tool to connect, network and share experiences in the virtual world with WWE fans.

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon stated that they absolutely see the Metaverse as an opportunity for WWE, especially as the theory unfolds that more and more people will go there to network and socialize. WWE is a community-based company, and their fans come together and share their experience. They believe there is a great opportunity for expansion in the metaverse itself. As for their approach, they are doing due diligence. They have met with different partners and learned as much as they can. But they don’t want to rush into the field rushes and still, they certainly don’t want to be left behind because they always want to be a little bit ahead. It’s something that they have been actively addressing and investigating. 

In a report last year WWE launched an NFT marketplace for WWE digital assets in partnership with Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs. The WWE authorities have also trademarked the W Company logo to protect its computer services and other virtual products, demonstrating the company’s impressive approach to the virtual world.

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