Why Shytoshi Kusama Believes Shiba Inu Is Just Getting Started

Why Shytoshi Kusama Believes Shiba Inu Is Just Getting Started

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, recently described SHIB as still being in its “puppy” stage. He suggested that the token has significant growth potential ahead. Kusama made this statement while recounting his experience in Kyoto, Japan.

Encounter with a Maiko

During his trip to Kyoto, Kusama encountered a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha. After her stunning performance, he engaged her in a conversation. The Maiko explained that her Geisha apprenticeship is a multi-year journey requiring patience, discipline, and mastery. She revealed that she had been learning the skill for only a year, with many more years left before becoming a Geisha. Despite being early in her journey, the Maiko had already attained celebrity status.

Drawing Parallels to Shiba Inu

Kusama’s encounter with the Maiko stirred a reflection on SHIB’s journey and success. He characterized the token as a puppy, indicating that Shiba Inu is in its early stages and poised to achieve significant milestones in the future. Kusama highlighted that Shiba Inu has already achieved tremendous success, placing it among the top 10 crypto contenders. Despite this, SHIB, a “token-turned-ecosystem,” has yet to reach its full potential.

Success Through Decentralization

Kusama attributed Shiba Inu’s successes to its decentralized nature. He emphasized that the token has achieved significant growth despite spending little to no funds on marketing. This organic growth has been driven by the community, showcasing the power of decentralization.

SHIB Global Tour

To further the understanding and adoption of SHIB, Kusama announced a global tour with the Shiba Inu ecosystem team. This tour aims to engage with key figures such as deal makers, celebrities, and industry leaders. The goal is to promote the transition from Web2 to Web3. The tour kicked off in Kyoto and will include stops in India, Canada, and Thailand.

Advancing Shiba Inu’s Technology Stack

Kusama remarked that the team has made significant strides over the past year. They have advanced a robust Shib-themed technology stack. He believes this will prove to the ShibArmy and the world that Shiba Inu is here to stay. The global tour will help solidify Shiba Inu’s position and foster greater understanding of its history and ethos.

In conclusion, Kusama’s characterization of Shiba Inu as a “puppy” suggests that the token still has significant growth potential, and the upcoming global tour aims to further solidify its position in the cryptocurrency landscape.

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