Why Baby Doge’s Partnership With Hoffeinheim Is a Big Deal

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When Baby Doge announced its partnership with German football club Hoffenheim earlier in February, it was regarded with optimism. This was because it was not a high profile deal with a juggernaut sporting brand.  However, beneath the surface lies some reasons why the partnership is excellent for the memecoin. 

A Massive Marketing Window for Baby Doge

The top division German league, Bundesliga, is one of the most-watched football leagues globally, with about 40 million people watching worldwide and an average attendance of 43,302 per game between 2013 and 2018.

Hoffenheim is also one of the leading teams in the German league with over 1 million followers on various social media platforms and has an active fan base in Germany. Therefore, it is not surprising that Baby Doge has grown in popularity in Germany in recent weeks. 

Baby Doge’s logo has been exhibited across games using the LED advertisement boards, and there has been an increased marketing awareness due to the mutual partnership between the two parties. 

The partnership between Baby Doge and Hoffeinham will be good for both parties seeking to improve their brand name and reputation in the sporting and crypto world. The German club can quickly raise revenue through new means and compete financially with other football heavyweights.

In addition, Hoffenheim fans can ease into cryptocurrency as dogecoin and NFTs collectible holders. These collectibles can have the players’ images and other vital footballing moments. 

The Baby Doge community will be glad to see more members coming into the community. NFTs are an exciting way for athletes and fans to connect on the blockchain. 

The success of this collaboration will benefit the crypto-sporting community at large, especially young people who dominate the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. 

How Sports is Influencing the Adoption of Blockchain technology

The sporting industry has recognised that blockchain can improve fan engagement, attract more sponsors and generate more revenue in new ways that were unimaginable years ago. The sporting fan base is a thriving community that consumes sports and related content beyond the actual duration of the match, which is why crypto is creating a path to accommodate sports lovers, through partnerships.

Furthermore, the sector understands that blockchain can revolutionise revenue streams and the fan experience through increased crypto-sponsorships, fan tokens, non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”), or even the entrance of blockchain providers into the market. From the FTX arena to the McLaren NFTs and the very recent Manchester United and Tezos partnership, everything is proof that the influence of crypto is spreading rapidly.

Here are examples of partnerships between sports and blockchain technology:

  • ESPN and US-bitcoin payment platform signed a partnership deal in December 2014 and was recorded as one of the first crypto marketing initiatives. BitPay went further to sponsor the ST. Petersburg Bowl to promote Bitcoin.
  • CashBet Coin collaborated with Arsenal Football Club as the official blockchain partner in 2018. The deal’s objective was to promote the launch of the CashBet token used for online betting platforms.
  • Litecoin sponsored the Light heavyweight fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson, making it the official crypto partner for UFC. The event led to a spike in interest for the coin, with Litecoin UFC receiving more than 40 million Twitter impressions to an audience of over 16 million users worldwide.
  • In March 2021, Aston Martin Cognizant Formula One became the first Formula One team to partner with Crypto.com. With over ten million active users, the crypto company will undoubtedly gain greater brand exposure on Aston Martin F1 cars in competitions worldwide.
  • Lastly, UFC also announced that fighters would be able to collect their match bonuses in Bitcoin after they announced their partnership with Crypto.com last month. With this initiative, fans and athletes of the UFC will be able to connect with one another on a whole new level.

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