Where to Stake Cardano: Top 10 Best Platforms

10 best places to stake Cardano

Where to stake Cardano with confidence is what this article seeks to explore. Staking is an excellent way to earn passive income while supporting the network’s security and decentralization. However, with various platforms available, choosing the best place to stake your ADA can be challenging. This article highlights the top 10 platforms for Cardano staking, detailing their features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

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Top 10 Best Platforms For Cardano Staking

1. Daedalus: Best Place to Safely Stake Cardano

Daedalus is the official desktop wallet for Cardano, developed by IOHK. As a full-node wallet, it downloads the entire Cardano blockchain, ensuring maximum security and control over your funds. Daedalus offers a transparent staking process and allows users to select from numerous stake pools, providing around 5% annual returns. This platform is ideal for those who prioritize security and control.

2. Yoroi: Best ADA Staking on Browser Extension

Yoroi is a compact browser extension wallet that EMURGO created for simplicity of use and quick transactions. Its user-friendly interface makes it suitable for beginners. Unlike Daedalus, Yoroi does not require downloading the entire blockchain, which saves storage space and simplifies the staking process. Staking with Yoroi offers competitive returns and secure storage for your ADA.

3. Binance: Best Place to Stake ADA (Cardano) for High Returns

Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges globally, offering a range of staking options for ADA. Binance provides high annual percentage yields (APYs), with some staking periods offering up to 7.79%. Users can choose between flexible and fixed staking options, allowing them to earn rewards while retaining liquidity or locking their ADA for higher returns. Binance’s robust security measures and user-friendly interface make it a top choice for many investors.

4. Exodus Wallet: Best ADA Staking for Several Coins

Exodus is a multi-currency wallet available on both desktop and mobile platforms. It supports staking for various cryptocurrencies, including ADA. Exodus offers a simple staking process, allowing users to earn rewards while keeping their funds liquid. The wallet’s intuitive design and comprehensive features make it popular for those who stake multiple coins. With an average return of around 4.09%, Exodus provides a balance between flexibility and earning potential.

5. Kraken Exchange: Best Cardano Staking Pool for Beginners

Kraken is a well-established cryptocurrency exchange known for its user-friendly interface and security. Kraken supports staking for multiple cryptocurrencies, including ADA, with returns ranging from 4% to 6%. The platform offers bi-weekly reward distributions, making it easy for users to see their earnings grow. Kraken’s straightforward staking process and robust security features make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced investors alike.

6. Coinbase: Best for User-Friendly Interface

Coinbase is renowned for its simplicity and ease of use, making it one of the best platforms for staking ADA. While it may not offer the highest returns, Coinbase provides a secure, straightforward staking experience. The platform is particularly suitable for beginners who value a user-friendly interface and reliable service. Staking rewards on Coinbase are competitive, and the platform’s reputation for security and compliance adds an extra layer of trust.

7. Cardanode: Best for Zero Fees

Cardanode is a dedicated staking platform that offers a 0% fee structure, making it highly attractive for users looking to maximize their returns. The platform benefits from staking rewards and the required minimum fee of Cardano, ensuring it remains profitable while providing high returns to stakers. The cardanode’s 24-hour monitoring and multiple relay nodes ensure reliable performance and quick block propagation, making it a dependable choice for staking ADA.

8. Bitfinex: Best for Advanced Traders

Bitfinex is a leading cryptocurrency exchange known for its advanced trading features and high liquidity. Bitfinex supports staking for various digital assets, including ADA, offering competitive annual returns between 4% and 5%. The platform is ideal for seasoned traders and investors who seek advanced tools and features. Bitfinex’s weekly reward distribution and absence of minimum staking amounts make it accessible and appealing to a wide range of users.

9. OKX: Best for Long-Term Staking

OKX, formerly known as OKEx, provides a comprehensive financial services platform with various passive income opportunities, including ADA staking. OKX offers multiple staking options, with rewards varying based on the lock-up period. Users can choose to lock their ADA for longer terms to earn higher returns. OKX’s user-friendly interface and flexible staking options make it an excellent choice for both new and experienced stakers.

10. ByBit: Best for Flexible and Fixed Staking Options

ByBit is a top-tier cryptocurrency trading platform that also offers staking rewards programs. ByBit supports ADA staking with both flexible and fixed options, allowing users to choose based on their preferences. The flexible staking option provides an APY of 1.10%, while fixed staking periods offer higher returns. ByBit’s minimum staking requirement and competitive APYs make it a suitable platform for both casual and serious investors.

Pros and Cons of Cardano Staking


  • Passive Income: Earn rewards by staking your ADA.
  • Network Security: Contribute to the decentralization and security of the Cardano network.
  • Potential High Returns: Some platforms offer attractive APYs for stakers.


  • Market Volatility: The value of ADA can fluctuate, impacting your overall returns.
  • Technical Risks: Staking platforms may face technical issues affecting rewards.
  • Lock-Up Periods: Some platforms require locking your assets, limiting liquidity.

Final Thoughts

Cardano staking offers a rewarding way to earn passive income while supporting the network. Choosing the right platform allows you to maximize your returns and enjoy a secure staking experience. Whether you prefer a full-node wallet like Daedalus, a user-friendly exchange like Coinbase, or a high-yield platform like Binance, plenty of options suit your needs.

FAQs About Cardano Staking

How can I stake my ADA on Cardano?

To stake ADA, choose a staking platform, create an account, transfer your ADA to the platform, and delegate your ADA to a stake pool.

Can I unstake my ADA anytime?

On most platforms, ADA is always liquid, meaning you can unstake and withdraw your ADA at any time. However, some platforms may have lock-up periods.

How are staking rewards calculated?

Staking rewards are calculated based on the amount of ADA staked, the performance of the stake pool, and the overall network participation. Rewards are typically distributed at the end of each epoch.

Can I delegate my ADA to multiple stake pools?

No, you can only delegate your ADA to one stake pool at a time. However, you can change your delegation at any time.

By choosing the right platform for Cardano staking, you can earn passive income, support the network, and enjoy the benefits of staking ADA. Explore these top 10 platforms to find the best fit for your staking needs.

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