What Now for 3.1 Trillion SHIB as Binance US-Voyager Agreement Collapses?

What Now for 3.1 Trillion SHIB as Binance US-Voyager Agreement Collapses?

Binance US has announced that it has backed out of its agreement to acquire Voyager Digital, a bankrupt cryptocurrency broker. The reason behind this decision, according to Binance US, is the unfriendly regulatory climate in the United States.

It is noteworthy that the wallet of the bankrupt firm still holds a total of $260 million worth of cryptocurrency assets. Out of this sum, 50% is in the form of USDC stablecoin, while the other half is invested in relatively unstable digital currencies. Notably, around $32 million is in the form of 3.1 trillion Shiba Inu tokens.

According to a previous report, if Binance we acquired Voyager Digital, it could have resulted in a massive influx of Shiba Inu tokens into the market, which could have had an unforeseeable impact on the value of the cryptocurrency.

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Voyager In Dilemma

The situation has become more confusing as the tokens still held in Voyager’s wallet add to the uncertainty. Before this, the bankrupt cryptocurrency broker’s address had sold off billions of tokens, with an initial balance of over 6 trillion SHIB.

It is unclear whether the sale of tokens directly from Voyager’s wallet will continue. Following the news that they will not be making a deal with Binance US, Voyager’s statement does not clarify this matter. The company stated that the current situation has impacted its plans for bankruptcy reorganization. However, they will still enable their customers to receive both cash and cryptocurrency directly through their platform.

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