What is XCAD (XCAD)? How to Buy And Use It


XCAD Network is a revolutionary global platform that enables content creators to tokenize their work, empowering users to earn and trade their favorite creators’ tokens. With the help of the XCAD browser plugin, which seamlessly integrates with YouTube, users have the power to influence creators’ decisions. 

The main objective of this platform is to enhance and optimize the connection between creators and their fans. In order to achieve this, XCAD has introduced a unique cryptocurrency that aims to reward creators for building a dedicated fan base and fans for actively engaging with their favorite creators. With XCAD, the possibilities for creator-fan interaction and collaboration are endless.

How Does XCAD Network Work?

XCAD Network is a platform that allows content creators to launch their own Content Creator Tokens and mint NFTs, offering new ways to monetize and reward their followers. Fans can earn these tokens by engaging with creators, and they can then trade them for XCAD on the decentralized exchange. The platform aims to make cryptocurrency interaction seamless for users, while still providing advanced options for more experienced users.

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What Makes XCAD Network Unique?

The XCAD Network offers a suite of solutions tailored to simplify the monetization of content and audience for content creators, while also enhancing user engagement with their favorite YouTubers. This balance is achieved through thoughtfully crafted incentive mechanisms that ensure all participants reap the rewards of the network’s expansion.

Here are some of the solutions: 

Content Creator Tokens: XCAD Network offers a user-friendly tokenization solution for creators, enabling them to effortlessly create their distinct Creator Tokens. These tokens can be customized to serve various purposes, such as purchasing creator NFTs, merchandise, and event tickets. Creators may also choose to incorporate governance features, empowering their fans to participate in decisions regarding future content and important creator choices.

E-Learning Platform: Aspiring content creators can accelerate their YouTube endeavors by enrolling in the Xcademy e-learning platform. This platform provides users with a wide array of educational resources and tools that can be utilized to expand their audience and advance in their YouTube careers quickly.

XCAD Features and Updates

The XCAD ecosystem is comprised of a variety of decentralized applications (DApps) that bolster and enrich the overall worth of the creator token ecosystem, delivering a resilient and interconnected user experience. Below is a rundown of its primary components.

Influencer MarketCap 

XCAD Network collaborates with numerous influencers. The Influencer MarketCap® is a platform designed to monitor and assess the worth of creator tokens, making it simple for users to keep tabs on an influencer’s influence and make token purchases accordingly.

Governance Portal

The Governance Portal enables users to participate in decision-making processes concerning the XCAD Network, including the selection of creators authorized to issue their tokens. Through this portal, you can also influence the choices of your favorite creators by engaging in polls.


The XCAD DEX serves as the decentralized exchange within the XCAD Network, facilitating seamless swapping, trading, and selling of creator tokens for users.

NFT Marketplace 

The XCAD Network platform features a decentralized NFT marketplace where creators can create, sell, and exchange one-of-a-kind digital collectibles. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to acquire these NFTs, which represent digital artwork, collectibles, or other items associated with a creator’s brand, thereby extending their support to the creator and engaging more deeply with their content. 

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XCAD Latest Updates

The PLAY has been nothing short of extraordinary, boasting over 14 thousand NFTs sold and locking away more than 4 million XCADs from the market. Currently standing as the 5th most active dAPP on BNB Chain and the 17th across all chains, users’ accomplishments in the PLAY Area shine brightly, even amidst challenging market conditions. Throughout this journey, users unwavering focus has remained on the XCAD native token, diligently working to lock up additional XCAD through NFT sales, repairs, and various other strategies.

Who are the Founders of XCAD Network? 

Oliver Bell serves as the CEO of XCAD Network, boasting a wealth of experience as a serial entrepreneur in the technology sector, spanning over 15 years. He is also known for founding Xcademy, a platform dedicated to instructing individuals on how to become successful YouTubers.

Taking on the role of CTO within XCAD Network is Joel Morris, a seasoned software engineer with more than a decade’s worth of expertise in the blockchain industry. Prior to his current position, he contributed to the development of the Zilliqa blockchain.

Bernice Thomas holds the position of COO at XCAD Network, leveraging her extensive background as a business development executive with over a decade of involvement in the media and entertainment domain. She has previously worked with notable entities such as BBC Worldwide and Endemol Shine Group.

How Many XCAD Tokens Are There in Circulation?

As of the time of writing, XCAD has a market cap of  $39,610,541 and a circulating supply of  43,500,781 XCAD coins.

Where Can You Buy XCAD Token? 

XCAD Token is currently available on a few exchanges, including:


What is the price prediction for XCAD by 2025?

According to our analysis, the XCAD Network’s price projection for 2025 falls within a range of $2.15 at the lower estimate to $8.64 at the upper estimate. Based on our forecast chart for XCAD, this suggests a potential increase of 681.05%, potentially reaching $8.64 if it attains the higher price target.

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