What is SuperWorld Metaverse: A Guide for Everyone

What is SuperWorld Metaverse: A Guide for Everyone

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the concept of Metaverse evolve from a ’90s concept to a tangible technology. The Metaverse is an online virtual world that allows you to meet and interact with people. There are already some examples of this concept. For example, Second Life. But it’s not the only one. 

More and more virtual spaces are emerging. The problem is that they are not very popular. Therefore, to increase its popularity, people are trying to find new and innovative ways to introduce the virtual world to the masses. It looks like the SuperWorld Metaverse has tried this for the first time.

In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about SuperWorld Metaverse. 

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What is the SuperWorld Metaverse?

The SuperWorld Metaverse is a virtual world where users can buy, sell, collect and manage unique virtual land in virtual currency (ETH). The virtual world consists of 64.8 billion plots, each represented as an NFT and digitally mapped to the earth’s entire surface. That means you can buy it anywhere in the world. You can even buy Mount Rushmore, Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu and many other historical places.

With SuperWorld Metaverse, you can not only own a piece of land in the virtual world but also earn income from your properties when individuals, organisations or advertisers place AR content on your virtual properties. So if you want to explore new sources of income, SuperWorld Metaverse is one of your options.

In addition, the SuperWorld AR Mobile App allows you to create, explore and discover 2D and 3D AR (video/audio/animation/image/text) content in the “real world”. We see a similar technique in the Arcona X-Reality Metaverse.

How Does the SuperWorld Metaverse Work?

To experience everything the SuperWorld Metaverse offers, you need an Ethereum wallet, Ether (ETH), a crypto wallet and a SuperWorld account.

To create an account, create a username and password combination and enter your email address. You can connect your crypto wallet to start buying and selling digital assets on the platform.

There is no general “goal” for this metaverse, similar to Decentraland or The Sandbox. It’s more about exploration, asset gathering, community engagement, and asset acquisition to showcase your assets. There are also some strategies in the game to make money.

Additionally, users can add digital content to their properties and view them in the SuperWorld mobile app set up in AR View.

AR assets are visible in the browser, but you can only see videos of AR content that users have recorded and published on the platform. For the actual AR experience, using the SuperWorld app on mobile will help.

You can explore the SuperWorld Metaverse without an account or wallet in your browser or use an Apple or Android device with a free mobile app.

Properties of the SuperWorld Metaverse

There are over 64 billion properties in SuperWorld – all ERC-721 tokens have unique data, each identifiable by its latitude and longitude.

Select Virtual Real Estate to view properties for sale in the main navigation bar, then select Browse Properties. You will then be taken to a map where you can search for properties anywhere in the world. Alternatively, instead of manually browsing the world map, select Market in the top right corner to view properties for sale.

Users can use the Chrome app to buy and sell properties on their mobile devices.

Properties that never sold were listed for 0.1 ETH, or around $300. The prices for listed properties vary greatly. You will see plots for sale ranging from about $300 (0.1 ETH) to over $8 million (3,000 ETH).

The value of a property is determined by its corresponding price in the real world. For example, a plot containing the Empire State Building can cost significantly more than a vacant plot in a rural state.

SuperWorld Metaverse NFT Marketplace

SuperWorld’s NFT marketplace is called NFT Salon. There are five categories: Image, GIF, Video, Audio, and AR. Supported wallets include: MetaMask, Portis, Coinbase and Fortmatic (desktop)

SuperWorld allows users to mint NFTs. Select the Create tab in My Studio, upload your file and click Mint. You can also set a royalty percentage.

Once the file is created, you can auction it or sell it at a fixed price—a 5% discount on every transaction made by SuperWorld on the marketplace.

Creator Royalties in SuperWorld range from 1% to 100% – yes, 100%. In contrast, OpenSea only allows creators to set a royalty percentage between 1% and 10%. However, creators are generally encouraged to set a royalty percentage between 10% and 30% so that potential buyers can see the resale value of the NFT.

SuperWorld also supports lazy minting. Lazy minting is when users list NFTs to be sold off-chain. Once the lazy NFT is sold, the gas fee is paid and officially placed on the blockchain. This is also known as gasless minting, and not many NFT marketplaces offer this option.

How to buy SuperWorld NFTs

To buy NFTs, you need an account, wallet and ETH. Login to your SuperWorld account, select NFTs from the main navigation bar and then select NFT Marketplace from the drop-down menu. Sort NFT listings by type, status (auction or fixed price) or use the search bar to search for a specific item.

Once you’ve found the NFT, you want to buy, select it and proceed with the purchase.

How to Sell SuperWorld NFT

Sign in to your SuperWorld account and select Sell in My Workshop. Select the NFT you want to sell, then select List. Enter the NFT details, choose a sale method (auction or fixed price) and confirm the transaction.

To list a virtual property, you must enter the latitude and longitude of the plot.

Disclaimer: The information in this article should not be considered financial advice, and FXCryptoNews articles are intended only to provide educational and general information. Please consult with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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