What is CoinFLEX (FLEX)? How to Buy and Use It


CoinFLEX is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that operates with the support of Flex Coin, or FLEX. Designed to facilitate seamless trading on the CoinFLEX exchange, FLEX Coin offers exclusive benefits to its users, enhancing their overall trading experience. In this article, we will delve into the details of FLEX, exploring its founders, unique features, circulation, network security, and where you can purchase it.

Who are the Founders of FLEX?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, including Sudhu Arumugam and CEO Mark Lamb, founded CoinFLEX. Their vision was to create a robust and user-friendly exchange that caters to the needs of cryptocurrency traders, providing them with a reliable platform for trading various digital assets.

How does CoinFLEX work?

FLEX Coins are an integral part of the CoinFLEX ecosystem and play a significant role in the successful operation of the platform. The platform awards FLEX Coins to traders daily based on their total volume of Takers. A taker is an order that removes liquidity from an order book by trading against an existing order. The platform calculates FLEX rewards by multiplying the number of coins issued by the team on that day by the amount of taker volume and then dividing it by the total amount of Qualifying Volume on the platform.

Holders of FLEX coins enjoy a 50 percent discount on trading fees when they use FLEX for their transactions. This incentivizes traders to utilize the token and enhances the overall liquidity of the CoinFLEX exchange.

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What Makes FLEX Unique?

FLEX is more than just a utility token; it is the backbone of the CoinFLEX ecosystem. The platform has strategically integrated FLEX into various operations to benefit traders and the exchange itself.

Apart from being rewarded to traders based on their trading activity, FLEX coins can also be staked on the exchange. Users who stake FLEX enjoy lower trading fees and additional benefits, encouraging long-term engagement and participation in the CoinFLEX community.

Additionally, FLEX coins contribute to the insurance fund, which ensures the platform’s stability and security. In the event of liquidation, the reserved FLEX coins can prevent users from losing funds, enhancing trust and confidence among traders.

Furthermore, FLEX coins are crucial in various promotions, contests, and incentives to grow the user base. By actively engaging the community through these initiatives, CoinFLEX fosters a vibrant and active ecosystem.

How Many CoinFLEX Coins are in Circulation?

The total supply of FLEX tokens is one hundred million. While the supply is limited, certain FLEX coins are reserved for specific purposes to ensure the smooth functioning and growth of the CoinFLEX ecosystem.

For instance, ten million FLEX coins are reserved for the lending product, where users actively deploying funds in the lending product earn FLEX Coins daily for the first twelve months following its launch. In this context, the distribution of FLEX coins is based on the amount each user has deployed out of the total funds deployed via the product.

Moreover, ten million FLEX coins were issued over the first two years for marketing and referral purposes and trade-driven mining.

How is the FLEX Network Secured?

The security and sustainability of the FLEX network are of utmost importance to CoinFLEX. One of the notable mechanisms the platform employs to ensure the network’s integrity is through burning FLEX coins.

CoinFLEX burns 20 percent of company profits to acquire and burn FLEX Coins daily until it has spent five hundred million dollars (equivalent) on developing and burning FLEX Coins. The process of burning crypto tokens involves permanently removing them from circulation. By doing so, CoinFLEX helps create scarcity, potentially contributing to appreciating the token’s value over time.

Where Can You Buy CoinFLEX?

FLEX can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Coinbase and OKX, with CoinFLEX being one of the primary platforms for acquiring this token. Interested users can visit the CoinFLEX exchange and create an account to seamlessly buy, sell, and trade FLEX coins.

In conclusion, FLEX (FLEX) is a crucial component of the CoinFLEX ecosystem, rewarding active traders, enhancing trading benefits, and contributing to the exchange’s overall liquidity and security. With a clear vision and a team of innovative founders, CoinFLEX remains an essential player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, offering traders an efficient and reliable platform to engage in digital asset trading. As FLEX continues to evolve and drive the growth of the CoinFLEX platform, it remains a promising asset to watch within the crypto space.

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