Web3 Inu Launches System To Rent, Buy, Sell and Upgrade Businesses in an Innovative Metaverse

Web3 Inu Launches System To Rent, Buy, Sell and Upgrade Businesses in an Innovative Metaverse

Web3 Inu is similar to Dogecoin, but is based on Web 3.0, the decentralized version of the World Wide Web, with no central authority. Web3 Inu Metaverse presents an innovative concept of rent-to-earn games.

Web3 Inu Present its Innovative Metaverse Concept for Rent-to-earn Games

According to an announcement on January 11, the Web3 Inu team is proud to present its innovative concept for rent-to-earn games. Web3 Inu aims to bring users the benefits of Web3 Inu’s innovative metaverse where people can rent, buy, sell, and upgrade real-world businesses.

The Web3 Inu game is not a normal monster-killing game but involves building and upgrading businesses in the form of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The developers are constantly working on the game to introduce improvements.

The governance token for the entire Web3 Inu Metaverse is the $WEB3 token, which is based on the Binance Smart Chain for phase 1. However, the token will start the Ethereum, Matic chain on Phase 3 cross-chain bridge.

The Web3 Inu game takes a different blockchain-based approach to gaming through the concept of “rental income” gaming. There are two economies, the on-chain economy and the off-chain economy, that will eventually merge.

NFT Usage

These owners decide how these NFTs are used in the Web3 Inu metaverse.

Players’ earnings will depend on the level of NFTs they have at the end of the season. However, it’s also important to note that users will get higher rewards for renting NFTs (commercial) to off-chain players.

Currently, the off-chain economy consists of 4 actions: buy, sell, rent and upgrade.


As mentioned above, buying a business is the same as minting NFTs controlled by the WEB3 central bank.


You can sell as many NFTs as you want through in-game auctions or secondary marketplaces like the Binance NFT Marketplace or the Web3 Inu Marketplace.


On-chain players can shape their business and rent it out to off-chain players, which helps them generate higher returns.

The Web3 Inu team confirmed that this activity will not affect the economy of the off-chain players or their behaviour during the game.

The rental terms are all set by the NFT owner via smart contracts on the public board. Landlords can choose the length of the rental period, initial/ongoing purchase payments, and finally a soft currency/cash percentage of income for renters and landlords.


When you enter the game you will be given a free branch that allows you to rent businesses based on your money and XP. Your job is to expand your business and upgrade to more branches for higher returns.

Each time you level up you are entitled to higher rewards and access to more branches and levels. You can also speed up the upgrade process by viewing ads or using gold.

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