Waldhaus Brewery Hops into Web3, Debuts Premier NFTs


The iconic and acclaimed Waldhaus Brewery is pouring into Web3 initiatives for the first time. The traditional German brewery is serving up premier NFTs to celebrate its 190-year journey in the beer industry.

Quick Takes: 

  • Waldhaus Brewery ventures into Web3 by launching an exclusive NFT collection celebrating 190 years of beer craftsmanship.
  • The ‘Waldhaus ONE’ collection features 190 unique 3D animated NFTs. Collectors can choose from 5 diverse designs and varying rarities.
  • All NFTs offer an array of exclusive perks for their owners. This includes whitelist spots, VIP event passes, and a year’s supply of beer for one lucky collector. They are now available on OpenSea.
A screenshot of Waldhaus ONE NFTs on OpenSea

Why Waldhaus Brewery Embraces NFTs

The ‘Waldhaus ONE’ collection was created in partnership with W3 Digital Brand. Subsequently, they made 190 3D animated NFTs with five designs and varying rarities.

One of the designs includes 80 ‘Ohne Filter’ bottles, which intriguingly rotate and gather moss over time. Another is the 50 effervescent ‘Natur Radler’ bottles that bounce around playfully.

Furthermore, other design options include 30 ‘Ohne Filter’ bottles, the 20 ‘Diplom Pils’ containers, and the 10 ultra-rare ‘Hell’ bottles. The latter is a famous option. The digital assets represents a mesmerizing spectacle of an eternal dance with broken glass.

Waldhaus and W3 have exclusively released the collection on OpenSea. Hence, each item is available for immediate purchase. Although they are subject to availability.

Upon acquisition, the proud owners of these revolutionary beer collectibles can gain access to an array of exclusive perks. Such benefits encompass whitelist spots for future mints, VIP passes to Waldhaus events, enticing beer packages, and a year’s supply of beer for one fortunate holder!

This endeavor makes the first time a classic German brewery harnesses the innovative prowess of Web3. The brewery views blockchain technology as a natural progression of branding and marketing. Therefore, the premier NFTs will have eternal homes on-chain.

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