Video Game Giant Atari Partners with Decentral Games to Launch Crypto Casino

Video Game Giant Atari Partners with Decentral Games to Launch Crypto Casino

Atari partnering with Decentral Games to launch online Casino games. The platform will allow users to play casino games with cryptocurrency

Crypto Casino Games to Launch May of this Year

As part of the partnership, Atari and Decentral Game will open a casino in May. Decentral Game is the first community-owned metaverse casino platform and offers users a 3D gaming experience that is demonstrably fair via the Ethereum-based virtual reality platform Decentraland. 

By partnering with Atari, it now takes on a completely unique dimension. There will be 20 lots of casino properties in the Vegas City Casino District in Decentraland.

According to Decentral Games, owners of the original DG tokens and the Decentral gaming community will benefit greatly from the upcoming Atari Casino. About 88% of the profit will be distributed to the warehouse of DG DAO. According to reports from last month, DG DAO’s Treasury Department rose from $1.8 million to $2.4 million.

Casino to support multiple tokens for gamers

Users can use the original ATRI token from MANA, DAI and Atari to enter the casino. Decentral Games hopes to capitalize on the NFT frenzy by giving away exclusive NFT prizes when the Atari Casino launches. Best-selling platinum DJ Dillon Francis will perform at the conference.

It reassures players that the casino will be introducing “outdated modern games” and that it has been beta tested.

The new Atari partnership enables users to include their DG in the DAO governance contract. As a result, stakeholders, like owners of other dangerous goods, have the right to vote on the ecosystem’s decisions.

According to the surface report, industry giants like Grayscale Investments are already supporting this partnership. Barry Silbert, the founder, and CEO of the Digital Currency Group, also reportedly supports the project:

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