VeChain’s Original NFT Project Launches New Discord Server

VeChain's Original NFT project Launches New Discord Server

Vechain has continued to grow its global dominance in its quest to solve real-world economic problems. Vechain’s NFT project launches its new Discord server.

VIMworld Starts its Discord Server

The blockchain network announced this development through its Twitter handle over the weekend. VIMworld, Vechain’s original NFT project, has launched its new Discord server.

VIMworld has prepared to reward the VIM community with prizes worth more than $5,550 to celebrate the launch of its own Discord server once they register.

VIMworld tries to reward creativity. Also, encourage the VIM community to create their own wonderful stories and wonderful works of art. To participate in the reward, VIMworld announced in a press release that all you have to do is join the VeChain community’s Discord server.

The NFT project requests that the participant submit a poster or banner by October 10th, and the banner must be 1500 pixels by 500 pixels. More importantly, VIMworld prefers short stories of 1000 words or less to enter to qualify.

Ten people will win a total of 570,000 VEED after the screening, of which five winners will be selected from two categories. After that, 20 random people who took part in the voting process will each have a chance to win 5000 VEED.

According to VIMworld, the new Discord server will be “VIMfam as the perfect environment for the community to hang out, explore, play and grow”.

Relationship between Discord and VIMworld’s Discord

Discord, in particular, is a place where topics and communities can be easily viewed and discussed. DApps, information and discussions about VeChain, its technology and its broader ecosystem are brought together in one easily accessible place to create a more unified user experience.

In addition to this, Discord will also provide opportunity and digression channels. Therefore, a space is created in which VeFam can combine and hang out on non-VeChain-related topics.

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