Upcoming NFT Drop of Cricket P2E is the New Transformation Needed in P2E Industry

Upcoming NFT Drop of Cricket P2E is the New Transformation Needed in P2E Industry

NFT (Non-fungible tokens) have already attracted sales of over USD 2.5 billion. Brands, Artists, Celebrities and Athletes are becoming a part of this emotionally-charged, “Authentic” product which gives a real tokenization of authenticity to art, ideas, images, depictions and products. 

With NFT being an integral part of the new-age gaming world as the in-game cards, in-game collectibles are all NFT present in a P2E. Not only this but P2E is a new way of incentivizing gamers, both amateurs and professionals to participate in games ranging from simple puzzles to complex character-based FPS to earn crypto and NFTs.  Jump.trade is one of these P2E brands coming up with a Cricket P2E drop. 

Power to Play

Jump.trade – an NFT Marketplace, based on GuardianLink’s proven high-security and no code platform, is launching its first-ever global NFT Cricket Drop on 22/04/2022. While the palindromic date is a natural choice, Jump.trade looks to set the industry benchmark in P2E gaming with the entry of Cricket, a game preferred by billions of viewers across the globe into the DAO world. 

Cricket NFT Drop

The Meta Cricket League premiers on 22.04.2022, but the Super Loot NFT Cricket Drop is live! With 25,000 NFTs up for grabs, each Super Loot guarantees a chance to win NFTs belonging to one of the following categories:

  • Metaverse Cricket Team players’ NFTs
  • Metaverse Cricket Team players NFTs plus Authenticated Signed Digital NFTs of Legends. 

The Super Loot is a first-of-its-kind authenticated NFT Cricket Drop in the gentleman’s game. With so much promise from each Super Loot NFT at just USD 25.00, the wait is finally over for authenticated Cricket NFT Drops. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up and fund your wallets now!

Roadmap and Journey

Powered by and for the community, owning a Jump.trade Cricket NFT from the Super Loot drop before the start of the Meta Cricket League gives you the opportunity to create a legacy of collective ownership and collectibles. Indeed, the P2E game has revolutionized how people perceive gaming. It still has a long way to come. But with the introduction of the Cricket P2E breathes a tantalizing freshness into this world by shifting focus back to real, high-profile, and ultra-rare authenticated Cricket NFTs.

Super Loot Drop

The Design and Development for the ultimate authenticated and first-ever NFT Cricket Drop along with the Super Loot Box Drop will happen in Q1 and April 2022. 

Cricket NFT Drop

Q2 of 2022 will see the Utility Initiation and Marketplace launch and the NFT Cricket Heroes Collectibles Drop. This also will serve as an opportunity for NFT Collectors to collect Ultra-Rare NFTs. 

NFT Real Estate

We do not forget our community, and GuardianLink has a strong reputation of conducting exclusive events for NFT Collectors, which Jump.trade follows suit with. Collectors also get the opportunity to enhance their Utility Collection with Unique Collectibles in Q3 2022. We will also be launching Metaverse Stadiums and global recognition platforms to put your legacy on the metaverse map. 

Token Allocation for OG Collectors

Q4 of 2022 brings the opportunity to become a legend of the WEB3 P2E movement with ultra-rare authenticated Cricket heroes NFT Drops. OG Collectors will also have their token allocation and every community member gets the chance to boost performance using other NFT utility collectibles.

Metaverse Esports

The New Year brings massive rewards with the ability to utilize your curated and legendary collectibles and challenge opponent esports teams in real-time. You build your own DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation) and participate in auctions and bidding wars in real-time to be a part of DAO Esports teams. 

Metaverse Cricket World Cup

The challengers rise to the occasion in Q2 of 2023 with the ability to run and stream your own metaverse cricket leagues, participate in the metaverse cricket world cup to enhance your legacy and build your collection and earn seasonal rewards during the course of your partaking. 

So sign-up on Jump.trade to fund your wallet now and grab a chance at 25,000 NFTs. 

Challenge Every Boundary

Now you are powered to play and challenge every boundary of collecting and participating in Cricket NFTs by signing up and funding your wallet for the first-ever NFT Cricket Drop powered by GuardianLink’s security and no-code NFT platform. So Build the Biggest ever Cricket Metaverse in Web3 together with the community by Building NFTs, Designing your Stadiums, and Training on Pitches on Jump.trade now.

Meet our GuardianLink team

We are a team of 400+ Blockchain pioneers, NFT Specialists, Crazy coders, and designers from India, Japan, and Singapore. Our mentors and our team have collectively created ground-breaking disruptions and come from companies the likes of Google Play Games, Spotify, Apple, Prime Gaming, Fox, Twitter, and many more. 

Our Founders

Our founding mentors Keyur Patel (Chairman), Ramkumar Subramaniam (CEO), Arjun Reddy (CTO) and Kameshwaran Elangovan (COO) have all had experience working with start-ups and pioneering disruptive blockchain technologies with firms like Amazon, Netflix, India TV, and Fabrik. They bring expertise in crypto-currencies, NFTs, billion-dollar technology, and running 50+ complex crypto roadmaps successfully for their communities. Jump.trade is their latest brainchild in a vast and rapidly-growing Web3 interface. 

Our Investors

We boast of early-stage technology investors like Kalaari Capital, the USD 1.5 billion Alamo venture capitalist Logan Anjaneyulu and Hollywood mogul Barrie M. Osbourne, who produced Lord of the Rings, The Great Gatsby, and The Matrix and the CEO of History Channel and Sports Illustrated Ross Levinsohn amongst the ranks of investors and angel investors who mentor us with their trust and resources to grow to the highest level. 

Wrapping up!

With rote-copying P2E games dominating the NFT collectibles market, the Jump.trade NFT Cricket drop is a breath of fresh air, bringing the focus back to real legends of the cricket world ranging from Mithali Raj to Virat Kohli all under one Super Loot Box at just USD 25.00 available now! The Jump.trade Web3 Meta Cricket League is set to explode on the P2E NFT stage with the Drop in Q2 2022, followed by Utility Collectibles, Ultra-Rare NFTs, and Real Estate event for NFT Collectors, and OG Collectors coming up in Q4 2022. Participate in the Metaverse Cricket World Cup for immense Seasonal Rewards.

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