Unmarshal Presents its Multi-chain Blockchain Explorer that Supports Binance smart chain

Unmarshal Presents its Multi-chain Blockchain Explorer that Supports Binance smart chains

Unmarshal, a multi-chain DeFi data indexing network, has released a multi-chain explorer that supports Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain. The multi-chain model for investors, developers and even stock exchanges serves as a decentralized data query tool for interested parties, as it indexes the blockchain from the Genesis block to the latest block.

Unmarshal function similar to the Google search engine

Xscan.io is a multi-chain explorer, similar to the Google search engine, with a simple and user-friendly interface that does not require any prior technical knowledge. Anyone can simply insert blockchain transaction information like transaction hash or address or even ENS, Xscan.io can help decrypt the information easily. Just like regular internet users doing Google searches, anyone interested in getting data from a currently supported blockchain unmarshal can use this tool to get token balances, transaction history, and even transaction history from the booming one Decrypt NFT field.

Despite the existence of blockchain.com explorer, Etherscan, BSCscan, and other similar tools, in the case of the Blockchain.com explorer, users still have to choose their blockchain preferences, which mainly focus on Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. At the same time, Etherscan and BSCscan only support a single network. Still, Xscan’s user interface is sleeker compared to other browsers like Ethscan and BSCScan, with visual cues that help improve asset and transaction visibility.

Speaking to a member of the Unmarshal team about the latest milestone, he said

“The current version is still a working prototype; there will be significant improvements in the upcoming versions.”

They also indicated that the upcoming Bug Bounty program aims to minimize vulnerabilities in the browser and improve the user interface while inspiring the community.

As more and more people flock to DeFi every day, tools like Xscan.io, with abstract technology and no complex user interface, can become a stepping stone to attract more users.

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