UFC Partners With Dapper Labs to Launch New NFT Collections

UFC Partners With Dapper Labs to Launch New NFT Collections

The NFT market has grown significantly over the past year and as it becomes more mainstream it will continue to grow. Even though the trading volume right now is quite far from the all-time high, it still has healthy growth.

UFC Strike NFT Collections to Be Released on January 23, 2022

According to an announcement on January 21, UFC partners with Dapper Labs to release their upcoming NFT collection “UFC Strike” on January 23rd.

The series begins with a round of 100,000 packs, with each pack containing three moments from the UFC in the form of non-fungible tokens.

These “Moments” include a short video of a popular fighter fight scene, as well as multiple camera angles, comments and crowd reactions.

Fans can now queue up at the UFC Strike official website to purchase a pack for $50. The site also includes a P2P marketplace where fans can connect, buy and sell their moments.

The second round of bundles will arrive on January 31st. The company also said there will be some additional rewards closely tied to the UFC calendar of events in the coming months.

UFC is working with Dapper Labs to make these NFTs possible. Dapper Labs is known as the creator of the Flow blockchain.

Bleczinski Comments on the Partnership 

Tracey Bleczinski, UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products stated that Dapper Labs is an innovator in this field and has created an industry that didn’t exist a few years ago. Their vision for the potential of these products is why the UFC chose Dapper Labs as their first NFT partner. 

She also added that they are excited to finally be able to offer these amazing digital collectibles to enrich their fans’ UFC experience.

This isn’t the UFC’s first exposure to the blockchain and crypto world. Last year, the group signed a $175 million sponsorship deal with crypto.com.

This is also not the first time Dapper Labs has partnered with an esports organization to bring NFTs to fans. They are behind the famous non-fungible token collection NBA Top Shot and have also partnered with the NFL.

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