Twitter Could Soon Allow Users to Add Their BTC and ETH Addresses on the Platform

Twitter Could Soon Allow Users to Add Their BTC and ETH Addresses on the Platform

A recently unconfirmed rumor suggests that Twitter may be developing new features related to crypto. According to reports, plans could be made to allow users to list their Bitcoin (BTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD) addresses as part of their personal information, thus helping the crypto industry in other ways.

The Report Circulating the Crypto Industry

The new update is supposed to be a new part of the so-called Tip Jar feature that the platform launched on the market in May 2021. In addition, a new report was added this week that is circulating in the crypto industry.

If so, it means the company plans to allow users to use Bitcoin to tip content creators.

Another thing that almost confirms the rumours is a series of screenshots that Italian mobile phone developer Alessandro Paluzzi posted on the platform, claiming to be a “leaker”. Paluzzi published a screenshot today (September 3) showing the BTC and ETH wallet address options listed in the Twitter app version.

Twitter Has Neither Confirmed nor Denied the Rumors

So far, the company has neither confirmed nor denied the rumours, but its product manager Kayvon Beykpour retweeted another tweet from Paluzzi on September 1. One particular tweet said, “Twitter is investigating the possibility of receiving Bitcoin notifications.”

Now, some people may recall Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioning in July that bitcoin tipping is one of Twitter’s ultimate goals. However, that goal seems to come sooner than everyone thought.

And when you consider that Dorsey is a huge supporter of Bitcoin and even a so-called extremist, this really isn’t surprising. The more surprising aspect, however, is the obvious inclusion of Ethereum, especially since Dorsey has refused to have anything to do with tokens in the past.

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