Tripleverage Prepares for Its Fair Launch ILO on Unicrypt

Tripleverage Prepares for Its Fair Launch ILO on Unicrypt

TripLeverage is finalizing its steps towards launching its ILO on Unicrypt, set to kick off on August 23. This move takes it a mile further in its growth process by incorporating blockchain technology into its network. The fair launch maintains that there will be no private sale, no discounts, and no team, advisor, or incubator tokens.

Furthermore, it will introduce its token, TLT, which is crucial to the platform’s growth. It will enable the introduction of its reward system by rewarding the community to find and refer customers by giving back 50% revenue, equivalent to 1% of the booking amount to the referrer.

Moreover, it will give back 50% of revenue by purchasing and burning TLT tokens, equivalent to 1% of the booking amount to the community. The Tripleverage token will be deflationary with a 10% transaction tax distributed between salaries, burning, reflection, and marketing.

The ILO will sell 100% of the offered max supply, at 120 000 000 tokens. As it will be launching on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the accepted currency will be BNB, where 1 BNB will go for 23 050 TLT. The ILO’s soft cap stands at 600 BNB, while the hard cap at 3450 BNB. Afterward, 50% of the raised BNB liquidity will be locked for 11 months.

The first round of its ILO requires a participant to hold a minimum of 50 UNCL on xDai on BSC or 3 UNCX on xDai on BSC.

QuillAudits audited the TripLeverage token smart contract, approving its code and confirming that it follows set guidelines. Moreover, the audit revealed that there were no vulnerabilities on the smart contract. On the other hand, Solidproof has performed a KYC screening to increase trust in the platform.

Bitbook Incubation

At the beginning of August 2021, BitBook announced the incubation of Tripleverage on its platform. According to its report, 1% of the 10% transaction tax will go to the purchase and burn BitBook tokens.

The company aired its undying interest in building ‘a travel ecospace’, focusing on being the largest and most innovative within the crypto space. Tripleverage is a first amidst its objectives of dominating the business travel world. The implementation of the buy and burn program is a gateway to boosting the revenue of both companies while benefiting the community at large.

According to BitBook’s roadmap, its reward pools will jump-start minting from December 2021 for the next 20 years. This process will be happening every month, rolling out the reward system for every person through bookings, content creation, and referring new users to the platform.

How BitBook is Benefitting TripLeverage

BitBook has played a significant role in the progress of Tripleverage by funding several processes on the platform. To begin with, it is responsible for the funds used during smart contract creation, smart contract auditing, and KYC screening. Additionally, it is also the propeller of community building, marketing, and successfully arranging the fair launch ILO.

BitBook’s founders are well-versed in the crypto world, holding a gateway to TripLeverage marketing, exchange listings, etc. They also stand as advisors and a key to strategic partnerships within the industry. BitBook’s community will be an added advantage for TripLeverage in expanding its audience.

There is more to reap from Tripleverage’s incubation by BitBook, instigating a positive future for both companies. For more information concerning TripLeverage, join its community on Telegram and interact with the team and other members.

About TripLeverage

TripLeverage, a business travel company, aims to benefit the growing and robust cryptoindustry sector. Moreover, its primary focus is providing clients with the most convenient travel expense management on transport and accommodation during their travels.

The platform commits itself to study trends within the business travel industry and understand customer needs. Besides offering the flexibility of options that travelers crave, Trip Leverage hopes to solve the myriad of issues people face during travel.

It assures businesses to make the most out of their travels, plan within a single space, and reap the rewards from the process.

A unique aspect about TripLeverage is that 100% of its existing or future revenue will buy and burn TripLeverage tokens. It will lead to the removal of most of the tokens from circulation, increasing their scarcity and, eventually, their value.

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