Total BabyDoge Burn In 2022 Hits 17 Quadrillion As It Burns Another 3.2 Quadrillion Tokens Worth Over $10M

Baby Doge Swap

BabyDoge has just announced on its official account that it had completed a 3.2 Quadrillion tokens burn, worth over $10 million.

BabyDoge Burns 17 Quadrillion Tokens in 2022 So Far

This recent burn is only one of the token’s chain of burns which it has carried out consistently since January 2022.

In January, the canoe-themed token burned 5 Quadrillion coins, worth $11.50 million. It burned another 4.8 Quadrillion coins in February, worth over $20 million. An additional 4 Quadrillion tokens worth $12.80 million were later burned in March before the 3.2 Quadrillion tokens April burn, bringing it to a total of 17 Quadrillion tokens, worth over $54.3 million locked away forever in 2022 so far. 

According to current data by CoinGecko, the circulating amount of BabyDoge stands at over 159 Quadrillion tokens.   

BabyDoge NFTs Launch

In addition to the recent burn, the BabyDoge team also came up with a pleasant surprise as they announced the proposed launch date of BabyDoge’s first-ever NFT. They also share a link to the official NFT website,, where minting will be done starting from 20th April 2022.

BabyDoge Constantly Growing In Popularity

Only Dogecoin (3.1 million) and Shiba Inu (3 million) have more Followers on Twitter than Baby DogeCoin (1.1 million) among all the dog-themed cryptocurrencies.

However, when it comes to the number of holders among the popular canine-themed coins, BabyDoge is second to none, with 1.49 million holders, according to BscScan, at the time of writing this article. BabyDoge is leading all the popular dog-themed cryptocurrencies from the front in terms of holders. 

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