Tory Lanez Partners With Decentar Labs to Release His NFT Collection

Tory Lanez Partners With Decentar Labs to Release His NFT Collection

Canadian rapper, singer and record producer Tory Lanez has not only joined a growing list of rappers and celebrities venturing into NFTs but he’s taken it one step further by co-founding Decentar – the platform behind his NFT launch.

Lanez Partners With Decentar Labs

According to a report on January 17, Lanez has partnered with Decentar Labs to launch its first-ever collection of NFTs. Decentar Labs is an NFT platform that uses non-fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies to create value for all types of spaces that blockchain technology needs to touch.

His first collection called 3NITY was launched on January 14th. After 4 months of creating beautiful, unique and original artworks inspired by human nature, the 3NITY collection can be minted in 3 phases, starting from 0.1 ETH.

3NITY NFT Collection

3NITY collection is deflationary, and regular burning makes collection scarce. This increases the overall value of the 3NITY NFT collection. The series was launched fairly, with no waiting lists.

The 3NITY collection is a representation of the ‘triality’ of self. It depicts the constant struggle that all humans face between their moral conscience (the ‘superego’ or angel), reality (the ‘ego’ or self), the primitive, sexual, and aggressive parts of their nature (the ‘id’ or demons). 

3NITY is represented by a series of three—human, angelic, and demonic—all representing different forms of existence that Decentar Labs calls 3NITY. Each avatar has a different rarity and will be represented by a muse to be announced. The devil is represented by cancelled celebrities.

Over the next 12 months, the collection will appear in the film (animation), fashion and 3D art collections.

Lanez stated that he is very excited about the start of the NFT collection. It’s a space that he thinks will bridge the gap between celebrities and their fans.

He added that his goal is for his fans to have more access to him through NFTs and, more importantly, a front-row seat in celebrity culture and in their hearts.

3NITY to Reward Holders for Minting

NFT enthusiasts who mint the 3NITY collection will enjoy additional benefits. Holders of the rarest NFTs can earn $1 million depending on the rarity of their NFTs. They also earn royalties based on the value or quantity of non-fungible tokens they own.

Holders can combine rare characteristics from multiple 3NITY NFTs to create rarer and more valuable non-fungible tokens. Decentar partners with a mainstream brand to transform its collections into designs for wearable fashion products. These items range from clothing to shoes.

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