Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Cardano

Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Cardano

Non-fungible tokens are growing rapidly, with billions of transactions in the NFT space every day. By 2030, NFTs could become a trillion-dollar industry, with nearly 90% of all NFT transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Rising gas fees are holding the entire NFT industry back.

Although NFT projects are growing on Cardano, they are still much smaller than Ethereum-based NFTs.The largest NFT project on Cardano has a transaction volume of around $10.5 million, 32 times the largest project on Ethereum. On the other hand, the Cardano project has its own advantages, such as lower gas fees.

In this article, we will be discussing the top five NFT projects on the Cardano blockchain.

Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Cardano

The top five NFT projects on Cardano are listed below:

  • Pavia: Pavia is Cardano’s first virtual world created, owned and powered by its user base. Pavia is a Cardano-based metaverse project with over 8,300 landowners.
  • If you are looking for a plot in the digital world and want it to be unique, choose Cardano NFT.
  • The Pavia project is still in its infancy, and they devote their time and effort to providing a quality experience to their user community.
  • Pavia’s team has a clear future roadmap of where it wants to go. They improved the map so people could run their own businesses, host events, host live competitions for others, or have fun in Pavia’s countryside. With features like community tools and design work, one day, we will see the endless possibilities lurking in this project.
  • Boss Cat Rocket Club: Another exciting NFT project on the Cardano blockchain is the Boss Cat Rocket Club. The entire community is made up of 9,999 algorithmically generated space cats living on the Cardano blockchain. The BCRC team’s initial idea was to launch the project on the Ethereum network, but they changed their minds due to high gas fees.
  • The Boss Cat Rocket Club’s primary focus is building an effective long-term community that actively participates in the burgeoning Metaverse movement. According to the BCRC team, the ultimate goal is to create a self-sustaining, creativity-driven, and lucrative community that thrives on the collective engagement and ubiquity of its members.
  • BCRC owners have access to an exclusive sandbox space centre, beach clubs worldwide, private galleries and an underground auction house.
  • You can buy BCRC on BCRC #3934 has been sold for over 22.5K ADA.
  • SpaceBudz: SpaceBudz is another NFT platform based on the Cardano blockchain. It consists of 10,000 “SpeceBudz” or astronauts; each one is unique. Astronauts can be humans, animals, robots, and other mystical creatures.
  • Two crypto enthusiasts launched the platform – Alessandro (operator of Berry Pool and creator of Nami Wallet) and Zieg (NFT enthusiast since claiming the first CryptoPunk in 2017). SpaceBudz has its own NFT marketplace where you can view all 10,000 SpaceBudz. Each astronaut has their own ID number, and you can filter them by ID, price and sale.
  • This is Cardano’s first NFT to surpass $1 million in NFT sales. SpaceBud #9936 was purchased on the Spacebudz platform for 510,000 ADA.
  • DEADPXLZ: DEADPXLZ is a system of 10,000 code-generated, unique and interactively operable NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain. Deadpxlz is the first interactive token minted on Cardano.
  • The entire collection on Deadpxls was minted in May 2021, so this is another new NFT project on the Cardano blockchain. Each NFT is referred to as a PXL. They are also interactive (react to tap gestures or clicks as well as a remote control).
  • Each NFT has a set of properties called PXL properties. The Deadpxlz team seems ambitious because their goal is to make Deadpxlz a profitable game by 2022.
  • Each deadpxlz has three moods – happy, neutral and sad. With a simple tap or click, you can change the mood of Deadpxlz NFT.
  • Soho Kids: Soho Kids is a project focused on fashion design, blending high fashion with street style clothing. PFP is the perfect way to create fashion in the future while cherishing the past.
  • The SOHO KIDS Initiative debuted their NFTs in the original series and continues to maintain a reasonably solid roadmap, with an initial focus on community building through pop-up parties, fashion giveaways, events, and community music and game nights.
  • They hope to eventually make vinyl toys out of their products by collaborating with other urban culture shops worldwide and with local artists in each city.
  • Soho Kids clothes are already available at with their amazing Cardano 1999 equivalents. By checking out the Soho Kids collection, you can shop some of the most popular pieces from this unusual brand and even personalise them with your initials.

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