Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Avalanche

Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Avalanche

NFTs are becoming very important in the cryptocurrency world and are gaining traction every day. As more and more different blockchain platforms emerge, they offer users a secure ecosystem full of new opportunities to make a fortune.

Finding the right project and investing in the right NFT is a great investment opportunity. Currently, 90% of the entire NFT project is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. With rising gas fees in the Ethereum ecosystem, there is a demand for NFT projects hosted on other blockchains.

If you’re interested in NFTs and all that goes with them, especially the opportunity to make money, the Avalanche blockchain might be what you’re looking for. In this article, we will be discussing the top five NFT projects on the Avalanche blockchain.

Top Five (5) NFT Projects on Avalanche

Avalanche is a blockchain network designed as a decentralised network that anyone can use, no matter where they live. The platform itself is very secure and reliable, and the developers refer to it as the “platform of platforms”. Avalanche is an open, programmable smart contract platform that has given way to creating many decentralised applications.

There is tremendous demand and growth for NFT projects hosted on the Avalanche Network. Below is a list of the top five NFT projects in the Avalanche network:


AvaxApes is an NFT built on the Avalanche blockchain. The developers say that AvaxApes brings original avatar NFTs to the Avalanche community. There is an Avalanche Academy with no dress code, and every ape is welcome regardless of their outfit. That being said, some apes have better clothes than others. This refers to the various rarities that AvaxApe NFTs can have.

Each AvaxApe has a score from 3 to 13. Based on the highest score, which is a combination of all attribute values, your AvaxApe is assigned a specific rank and background colour. So the rarer the AvaxApe’s item or feature (for example, something like an astronaut suit is better than a simple hood), the higher its overall score.

Additionally, the platform uses a reflective minting system that AVAX makes available to Ape holders. This is achieved by giving back 10% of every minting fee to AvaxApe holders, who can claim them at any time. Finally, Original Minters earn an additional 1% each time their AvaxApe is resold, while 3% of each sale is refunded and shared among all AvaxApe owners.


ChiknFarm is an ecosystem built and operated around Chikn NFTs. Chikn is 10,000 “algorithmically generated unique NFTs.” As the developers say, Chikn is expanding the utility of public minting by providing a marketplace and farming for emerging NFT+ token creators on the Avalanche blockchain.

Chikn is an upgradeable NFT that can lay eggs for you. These eggs represent the platform’s governance and utility tokens. You can use them, sell them or keep them, and it’s entirely up to you. Also, there is a $feed from chiknfarm that you can feed your chikn with, or you can sell them at the market. To farm $feed, you also need $egg LP tokens. Finally, $feed permanently increases the size of your chikn, and larger chikn will lay more eggs.


CryptoDappers are part of a group of NFT projects among the first to emerge on the Avalanche blockchain. CryptoDapper, also known as Dapper, is a revenue-generating ERC-721 NFT based on Avalanche C-Chain. This is an original idea, and there are currently 2500 Dappers.

Well-dressed people are known for the variety of outfits available to them and many different aspects. They fall into many different categories. Firstly, there are so many different breeds, from Australian Shepherds to Beagles to wolves and foxes, there is something for everyone. In addition, they are grouped into rarity categories: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Ghost, which is the highest.

To acquire CryptoDapper, you can get them every 8 hours through a companion vending machine in a gacha-like system or through the marketplace.


DefiDinos is an Avalanche blockchain-based project that offers a fun genre fighting game where you can fight other Dinos with your own. PvP battles allow you to earn $DXP by winning and use them to power up and upgrade your dino so you can win more and more battles. Remember, the higher your dino level, the more DXP you earn.

There is also a points system to determine the animals of your dinosaurs. As you probably already know, the more points your dino has, the better. If you collect enough points, you can transform your dinosaur into a legendary animal. The scoring system is broken down into five sections of 5 points for each trait, ranging from 5 to 25 points. Eventually, if you’re lucky, you can also get some mythical dinosaurs.


DCRC-RaceX, the pioneer of the Avalanche blockchain, brings Avalanche users the first race-2-earn gaming platform. The project will also be the first racing simulation attempting to blur the lines between real-world racing and virtual racing using a simulation engine currently under development.

RaceCar NFT holders can use a representation of the same car in the simulation, allowing users to benefit from the Race-2-Earn feature. These cars can be upgraded in-game by burning and re-minting, adding body kits, changing colour, changing wheels or car tires. Also, you can improve the performance of your car.

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