Top ETH Whale Purchases 47 Billion Shiba Inu Token as Shib Accumulation Increases

Shiba Inu finally makes major announcement, launches metaverse platform ‘’Shib’’

Recently, SHIB has been getting the attention of important ETH whales even as the burning exercise is on the rise, and the top three Ethereum whales have accumulated over 622.05 billion SHIBS in a total of 4 transactions on Tuesday. This figure is equivalent to $16.72 million. 

However, an update from WhaleStats announced on Wednesday that the 19th most giant Ethereum whale has bought 47,491,172,343 SHIB for $1,324,053 in a single transaction.

“Gimli” is an active crypto wallet that has been at the forefront of accumulation. To date, She purchased 421,370,420,624 SHIB worth $11.3 million in two transactions yesterday. Following the Gimli purchase, the 167th number whale accumulated the same number of SHIB worth $4,053,000, and the 16th biggest whale of ETH purchased a total of 50,687,552,959 SHIB, also worth $1,360,960.

In addition, within the last two days, 669,549,145,926 SHIB, worth 18,051,808, have been bought by four major Ethereum wallets in 5 transactions.

Shib Price Affected by the Immense Accumulation

Shiba Inu has seen a rise in the market cap due to the massive accumulation of whales in recent days. As a result, the token managed to recover a $15 billion market cap and is currently trading for $0.00002778, a growth rate of 2.62% over the last day. However, a 24-hour trading volume for SHIB slightly declined by over 12% compared to the previous day. The 24-hour volume currently stands at $1,622 million.

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