Top 5 Cryptocurrency Projects on Cardano (ADA) in 2022

CCardano's Whale-Backed Boom: Decoding the Predictions

As cryptocurrency grows through investments and adoption, more innovations are springing forth. New inventions that are bound to challenge the old ones. Cardano is an innovative blockchain for launching new projects. 

Many traders and investors complain about the high fees on the ethereum blockchain and centralisation on the Binance Smart Chain. Cardano is a unique blockchain that offers a truly decentralised ecosystem, low transaction fees and highly secure infrastructure. 

Cardano offers the best solution to all project creators. From finance dapps to games to many other applications, Cardano’s blockchain provides the best base for them all.   

Cardano uses a rare, highly robust and secure programming language, Haskell, for its development. The complexity of this language makes it very difficult to hack, thereby allowing Cardano to be a lot more secure and safe than any other blockchain. We can see news of some projects in the DeFi world getting hacked and accounts emptied. This is why a secure and safe system has a significant advantage. 

People naturally tend to put their money in a safe place. There is a general belief in the crypto space that Cardano-hosted projects will perform well in 2022 when security is an issue in the blockchain ecosystem.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Projects on Cardano (ADA) in 2022

Ardana (DANA)

Ardana is considered the best project on the Cardano blockchain. The all-in-one project seeks to build products around its own stablecoin dUSD. Ardana offers two major products, DanaSwap AMM DEX and the dUSD lending service. Ardana can be used for trading, staking and minting.

With Ardana, you can mint upcoming stablecoin projects through ADA staking. 


The Empowa project is different from other Cardano projects. Its primary goal is to use decentralised finance ( DeFi) to serve millions of Africans by making available, affordable housing through the decentralisation of property developers. Its unique long-term goal helped the project draw much attention and investments even before it was launched.


SundaeSwap is arguably the best project on the Cardano blockchain. Its popularity was already well-known on social media months before it was launched. 

The goal of SundaeSwap is to become the best DeFi exchanges on the Cardano blockchain, like UniSwap is to Ethereum, but with better and more robust front-end hosting solutions. 


RaySwap is an all-in-one ecosystem on the Cardano blockchain that offers several blockchain features like API provisioning, light crypto wallets or DEX. 

Like many other top Cardano projects, RaySwap offers earning potential to holders through yield farming. 

World Mobile Token

Like the Empowa projects, World Mobile Token has a long term goal which is the mobile interconnection of the world by leveraging the Cardano blockchain. 

The project wants to make cellular networks more accessible and affordable, especially in economically deprived regions.

Final Thoughts

Cardano has no doubt taken the crypto space by storm. It plans to attract more high potential projects and challenge the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain’s blockchain dominance in 2022.   

Crypto experts predict that ADA and other Cardano projects have the potential to be among the best players in the crypto market in the coming years.  

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