Top 1000 Eth Whales Now Hold $1.5 Billion Shib After Latest Whale Purchase

Shiba Inu finally makes major announcement, launches metaverse platform ‘’Shib’’

BlueWhale007 has been the latest ETH Whale to purchase another large sum of Shiba Inu (SHIB) just a few hours ago. Before this transaction, the 5th most giant ETH Whale accumulated a vast amount of SHIBS since April 13, 2022.

According to WhaleStats, the blockchain data tracking website, BlueWhale0073 has just made another transaction and purchased 50,296,290,794 (50.29B) SHIB for $1,269,981 ($1.26M) through one transaction.

The Whale has aggressively accumulated a massive sum of 1.40 Trillion SHIB, worth $36,932,864 ($36.93M) through five separate transactions since April 13, 2022, through five individual transactions. Furthermore, the accumulation process for this whale started after the SHIB listing on Robinhood on April 12, 2022.

Immediately after the Robinhood announcement, the Whale made one massive transaction and added a vast total of 775,473,150,952 (775.47B) SHIB, worth around $20,697,378 ($20.6M). In addition, the whale accumulated an additional 587,156,065,701 (587.15B) SHIB through three separate transactions performed on April 14th, 15th, and 18th.

With this strange buying behaviour by BlueWhale007, it would not be surprising to find out the ETH wallet has some inside information concerning upcoming developments from Shiba Inu.

Top 1000 ETH Wallets Hold $1.50 Billion Worth of SHIB.

Currently, SHIB is the most significant held coin in terms of dollar value among the top 1000 Ethereum (ETH) Whale wallets, as they now have $1,503,544,804 ($1.50B) worth of SHIB in total.

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