Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders in Nigeria

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The cryptocurrency industry took the world by storm in 2021, especially in emerging economies. According to a Chainalysis report published in October 2021, Nigeria ranks sixth in the global index of cryptocurrency adoption and second in Africa behind Kenya.

Nigerians, especially young people, have turned to the cryptocurrency industry in search of “green pastures,” primarily due to the country’s high unemployment rate.

Cryptocurrency trading has changed the lives of many Nigerians due to the market volatility making many millionaires a reality. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 most popular cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria

Top 10 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Traders in Nigeria

Cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies for profit. If conventional currencies have a foreign exchange (forex), cryptocurrencies have their own digital currency exchange where people can engage in trading coins. Unlike the traditional stock exchange that closes at the end of the day, cryptocurrency trading is a 24-hour market.

Below are the top 10 most popular cryptocurrency traders in Nigeria:

  • Gaius Chibueze: Gaius, popularly known as Bitcoin Chief, is a multi-talented UK-based Nigerian cryptocurrency trader.
  • Bitcoin Chief is the founder and CEO of ABiT Network, consisting of multiple brands. Their flagship currency is Tatcoin – a tradable token on the cryptocurrency market, used as the official trading currency of the ABit network which focuses on blockchain technology and real estate
  • According to Binance, he was named the top cryptocurrency trader in 2019. In 2018 he published his first book, “How Bitcoin Changed My Life”, Since then, he has published three more books on cryptocurrency trading and business management.
  • Chris Ani: Chris is an accomplished cryptocurrency trader with extensive experience speculating and investing in the cryptocurrency market
  • In 2017 he founded a bitcoin and crypto trading education platform called Cryptohub
  • He is the founder of DABA School, a cryptocurrency trading academy that equips students to handle market etiquette.
  • The DABA school he founded has influenced hundreds of Nigerian youth and enabled them to achieve financial freedom.
  • Franklin Peters: Franklin is the Founder/CEO/Chief Strategist of Bitfxt Technologies – one of the fastest-growing blockchain companies in Africa. He is an e-marketing management consultant and blockchain expert with many years of experience. He is as known as the blockchain oracle of the crypto community.
  • Bitfxt is a technology company that provides users with digital services and an online exchange for trading cryptocurrencies at low prices. The company’s operational strengths lie in the low transaction fees, instant deposits and withdrawals, low coin listing fees, a beneficial affiliate program, and solid international partnerships.
  • Mr Peters is not slowing down; he is upgrading infrastructure to complement existing financial networks and is ready to bring a new dimension of solutions in the African cryptocurrency space.
  • Fejiro Hanu Agbodje: Fejiro is the Founder/CEO of Patricia Technologies Limited, a company harnessing the power of cryptocurrencies to create alternative solutions for financial infrastructure, digital payments and global e-commerce.
  • He founded Patricia in 2017, which has grown into a multi-billion dollar company processing billions of transactions.
  • Patricia Technologies is Nigeria’s leading native cryptocurrency company and is recognized as the fastest-growing Bitcoin brand in Africa.
  • Adekunle Daniel: Adekunle daniel is the founder and MD/CEO of Block Stale, a blockchain startup focused on solving global financial problems in real-time with intuitive software and hardware components. He is the inventor, designer and developer of Africa’s first Bitcoin ATM.
  • Daniel started trading digital assets back in 2009. His experience as a trader made him passionate about digital assets. Seeing the world’s unstoppable urge to go digital, he sees this as an excellent opportunity for his gear to scale.
  • Based on some strong beliefs, he dared to pioneer significant innovations in Nigeria and Africa. In his opinion, Nigeria is a fertile cryptocurrency market and already has the most significant number of cryptocurrency traders in Africa.
  • Yele Bademosi: Yele is the Managing Director/CEO of Bundle Wallet Technology Ltd, a crypto platform inspired by the success of WeChat in Southeast Asia. As a founding partner of Microtraction and a former director of Binance Labs, Badamosi aims to drive mass adoption of digital assets in Africa.
  • He launched a social payment app called Bundle within the Binance ecosystem, designed for cash and cryptocurrencies. The product is a wallet that promises to make it easier to send, request and receives cash, and buy, sell and store digital assets such as BNB, BTC, ETH and BUSD.
  • Buchi Okoro: Buchi is the CEO of the popular Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange Quidax. Founded in 2016, Quidax is the world’s easiest digital asset exchange, allowing users to seamlessly swap in and out of digital assets.
  • Buchi and his co-founder Uzo Awili came up with the idea of ​​Quidax after struggling to convert their cryptocurrency into naira.
  • Buchi is driven by an innate passion for individuals and businesses in Africa to easily buy/sell cryptocurrencies in their local currency.
  • Tola Joseph Fadugbagbe: Tola is a cryptocurrency analyst, cryptocurrency trader and cryptocurrency fundamentalist. Founder of Crypto Masterclass, Tola Joseph, is dedicated to providing cryptocurrency education to individuals, students, and corporate institutions through social media.
  • Tola was able to inform over 5000 people through these platforms.
  • The core vision and goal of the Crypto Masterclass is to empower individuals through financial education, empowering them to be financially free, self-sufficient and live the life they want.
  • Chiagozie Iwu: Chiagozie is the Co-Founder/CEO of NaijaCrypto, a rapidly growing peer-to-peer order-book cryptocurrency exchange. He runs an all-in-one digital asset exchange with the aim of providing cutting-edge digital currency exchange services on one platform.
  • Founded in 2019, the platform offers users the opportunity to convert fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies and vice versa. In addition, the exchange also supports trading between different cryptocurrencies. The platform also offers futures contracts and other forms of derivatives. NaijaCrypto aims to be the destination as more and more people turn to cryptocurrencies to send money.
  • Adeniyi Olowoporoku: Adeniyi, popularly known as a crypto evangelist, is the CEO of Atuzal Media. Founded in 2021, Atuzal Media is a digital marketing company.
  • He is a graduate of Microbiology from the Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta.
  • He co-founded NT Technology – a crypto trading platform for buying and selling digital assets such as USDT, BNB, BTC, ETH and BUSD.
  • Adeniyi is a content creator and professional cryptocurrency trader with 4+ years of experience.
  • He is a freelance content writer and has published articles on top websites in the blockchain and football space. He is the Chief Editor at and Journalist at

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