Top 10 African Gaming Guilds You Need to Know About

Top 10 African Gaming Guilds You Need to Know About

A gaming guild is a group of gamers who work together to play video games. Some guilds are more organised, and they compete and win. Others, on the other hand, are made up of pals who enjoy playing the same video games. Crypto Gaming Guilds are comparable.

They do, however, concentrate on playing NFT blockchain games. NFT blockchain games enable players to exchange in-game objects for cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for real money. As a result, monetization is an important part of Crypto Gaming Guilds.

There are numerous advantages to joining a Gaming Guild. To begin, Gaming Guilds are networking groups. They assist players in improving their skills and progressing in the games. Second, most blockchain games necessitate the purchase of pricey NFTs.

As a result, many Gaming Guilds provide scholarship programs. Scholarship programs provide promising players with access to NFTs through a rental system. Third, successful crypto gaming guilds might establish a decentralised organisation (DAO) and issue their own cryptocurrency token. This article analyzes the top ten gaming guilds in terms of market cap.

Tuzanye Game Guild

Unquestionably one of Africa’s largest guilds, Tuzanye Game Guild is a global play to earn community that enables players to maximise their performance by borrowing NFT assets across the metaverses. It has a growing community of over 8,000 members on Twitter.

In order to ensure a fair distribution procedure, Tuzanye, located in Uganda, is controlled by a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) made up of TGT token holders and participants.

There is a group of skilled and renowned coaches at Tuzanye Game Guild. The trainers are unified despite having knowledge in very various sectors since they have all seen the progression of the traditional gaming industry over time. The top coach among them, Aleksandr Svysiuk, has already produced more than a thousand students.

Gamic Guild

Gamic Guild is a PlayToEarn company that is rapidly expanding under the leadership of its CEO and co-founder, Ukeme Okuku, CTO, co-founder Michael Anyi, and co-founder and business developer Chike Okonkwo.

With a community of over 13,000 members on Discord, Gamic guild is without a doubt one of Africa’s largest gaming guilds. Gamic Guild is a decentralised platform that provides users with a variety of NFT games of various genres to play and earn, revolutionising the gaming industry in Africa in the process.

Gamic wants to establish a single point of contact for talents, experts, and investors. also develop into a significant hub for creatives to execute any project.

Gamic wants to redefine the paradigm so that players may earn money while they play games on an ongoing basis. The pay-to-play web2 economic model of gaming will make way for the nascent decentralized web3 economy.

Gamic Guild has a group of competent workers, including: Trust. K Anyi, a web developer, crypto enthusiast, gamer, and many others as the Head of Games; Samuel Madu, the Head of Operations at Gamic Guild with 13+ years of management experience managing digital products and value-added services in the telecommunications industry; Nnamso Anthony, COO, and many others.

Smart Guild

Smart Guild is a top playToEarn guild that enables you to maximize your personal wealth by utilizing your knowledge, abilities, and skills.

Mr. Tony Emeka, a Blockchain media consultant with expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Media Analysis, Media Relations, Media Production, and Search Engine Marketing, as well as co-founder of Earnaton and CEO of CryptoTvplus, Africa’s largest Crypto Media focus company, is one of the co-founders of Smart Guild, which was established in December 2021.

One of Smart Guild’s outstanding characteristics is that it gives you access to information about the newest GameFi goods, how they function, and how to play the games to make money.

MetaVerse Magna (MVM)

African-focused MetaVerse Magna (MVM), the region’s first and largest cryptocurrency gaming DAO, aims to strengthen economies on the continent by empowering local communities.

MVM was established in collaboration with the multi-strategy blockchain investment firm Old Fashion Research (OFR). Yele Bademosi, co-founder and CEO of Nestcoin, thinks the play-to-earn metaverse has the potential to lift many Africans out of poverty.

The MVM DAO structure will provide participants and the community with unprecedented financial access and wealth generation. In a statement, MVM’s general manager Onyinye Umeaka said the company is working to remove barriers to gaming in Africa by enabling people to play, earn, and amass wealth without having to buy any gaming-related assets.

They are doing this with the help of a team of operations, growth, and community experts.

Merit Circle

Merit Circle is a DAO with over 3750 active gamers throughout Africa, Asia, and South America. The guild is dedicated to expanding the play-to-earn economy.

It supports over 50 play-to-earn games, and the DAO is split 70/30. Merit Circle holds 30% of the profit generated by a player’s in-game assets, while the players keep the remainder. The native token, MC, is traded on major exchanges including Binance,, and Huobi.

Over 2,700 students currently visit Merit Circle. In the seed round, which closed in October 2021, investors contributed $4.5M to Merit Circle. DeFiance Capital, Mechanism Capital, and Spartan Group are a few of the investors. The native cryptocurrency of Merit Circle, $MC, has a 1 billion token supply.

Good Game Guild

Good Games Guild is pretty new. It currently has around 300 scholars and about 119k Twitter followers. Good Games Labs operates as their investment arm and game incubator. The administration and governing body of the Good Games Guild is a DAO, and they receive 20% of all guild revenue. 

In October 2021, Good Games Guild completed its Seed fundraising round, collecting $1.7 million from a group of illustrious investors, including, to mention a few, Animoca Brands, Illuvium, and OKEx Blockdream Ventures. 

With a maximum supply of 100 million tokens, the native token of the Good Games Guild is $GGG. They have an unknown market worth and circulating supply, nonetheless. The value of the $GGG market cap at the moment is $1.9M.

Yield Guild Games

Over 30,000 gamers actively participate in Yield Guild Games (YGG), a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), playing primarily Axie Infinity. This guild manages play-to-earn players worldwide and also makes NFT investments. More than 30 play-to-earn games are supported. 

There is a 70/30 split in the DAO. 10% of all income is collected by YGG, with 70% going to scholars directly and 20% going to community managers. Its native cryptocurrency, YGG, is offered on well-known platforms like Binance,, and Huobi.

Yield Guild Games is the first P2E gaming guild and one of the biggest crypto gaming guilds on Discord, with more than 80,000 members.


UniX began as a simple gaming guild but is quickly growing into one of the largest hubs in the P2E gaming industry. The goal of the UniX Gaming guild is to find the most talented gamers and give them the tools they need to succeed in the fiercely competitive NFT gaming industry. 

It also offers training and instructional materials. The top players are given full scholarships, allowing them to borrow the NFTs needed to access the most popular P2E games and begin gaining rewards in the real world that they may then give to the guild.

Numerous approaches have already been found to expand UniX. It introduced an official Launchpad earlier this year to give P2E game developers a means to get cash in exchange for giving its members early access.

Additionally, UniX has teamed with The Sandbox, one of the top metaverse platforms in the world, to acquire virtual properties that it plans to develop. And just last week, it started an ecosystem expansion with the opening of its official video game creation studio.

The guild’s first play-to-earn video game is already being developed by the recently established UniX Gaming Studios. With $UNIX, the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAOgovernance )’s token for UniX, token owners can influence the direction of UniX. Players receive in-game awards for their abilities and online participation through UniX’s token ecosystem.


Built on the Binance Smart Chain, GuildFi is a platform for metaverse gaming. It intends to connect existing guilds and various play-to-earn games. Additionally, it decreases entry barriers by providing gaming scholarships. 

GuildFi supports over 20 NFT games and has 3,000 active gaming academics. Additionally, the platform offers a dedicated NFT market.

Profits at GuildFi are shared 70/30. 30% of total revenue is collected, and 70% of that goes to scholars. Its native token, GF, is offered on well-known exchanges including Huobi,, and OKX.

Avocado DAO

The long-term objective of Avocado DAO, one of the most well-known blockchain gaming guilds, is to continuously and passionately work to empower and expand a thriving community of players and contributors. 

Since its start in late 2021, the guild has funded 45 GameFi initiatives, formally onboarded over 10,000 gaming students across six game collaborations, and supported six-game partnerships. The guild has also amassed a fantastic Discord community with 69,000 members.

Several well-known industry firms, like #Hashed, MEXC Global, and others, support Avocado DAO. In addition to these outstanding qualifications, the team has set a goal to create more growth strategies and a 20,000-scholarship administration system.

The native token of the guild is AVG, which is traded on platforms like MEXC and Uniswap.

Liberty Gaming Guild

Launched in November 2021, the ambitious next-generation initiative Liberty Gaming Guild (LGG) is investing in a number of the best play-to-earn games to grow its crypto and NFT portfolios. 

The portal for gamers to access previously pricey and inaccessible NFTs in blockchain gaming, LIBERTY is a project that breaks down barriers and creates an ecosystem for players to learn from and succeed in the new gaming era. 

The Liberty team offers education, training, assistance, and guidance in a variety of fields. From instruction in all things blockchain, cryptocurrency, DeFi, and CeFi to advice on regular money management and investment, there is a ton more.

LGG established a collaboration with Persib Bandung, a prominent Indonesian football club with more than five million supporters throughout South East Asia, on February 18, 2022. Persib Bandung will promote LGG’s achievements in the metaverse, where they have successfully made the otherwise difficult-to-access, intricate, and reasonably pricey NFT terrain more approachable. 

In exchange, the development will expose the wide-ranging fan base of the football team to intriguing prospects regarding how they can manage their finances using competent and potent blockchain-based solutions.

Cerebral Gaming

This new gaming guild was created on the HarmonyOne blockchain. It invests in GameFi initiatives in a decentralised manner. The DAO’s overarching objectives are to foster innovative gaming experiences, invest in as many firms as it can, and boost investor returns on investment. In order to create guilds for game sharing, CGD buys a lot of land, character NFTs, tokens, and LPs on DEXes.

Recently, Cerebral Gaming announced a partnership with Kuro Shiba and said they will debut its governance token there by staking a group of Founders Badge NFTs that would be available for purchase on their website. Crypto Clay and HarmonyUniverse are some of their additional partners. They have the ability to surpass YGG levels and have already raised $100,000 in $ONE tokens in fundraising.


The guilds mentioned above have been at the forefront of the play-to-earn choices revolution, offering players a variety of opportunities. It is a fantastic approach to support yourself in the virtual world while limiting some of the drawbacks of the real one. 

The blockchain game industry appears to be in its infancy, so we can only imagine what the future holds.

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