Toncoin Bulls Charge Ahead: Will TON Price Reach New ATH Above $8?

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The altcoin market is recovering, with popular tokens like Toncoin gaining momentum. Investors are anticipating a bullish week ahead. Analysts expect a bullish close for the week, potentially pushing prices towards new highs with a 25% to 30% rise.

Crypto Markets Tumble, Toncoin Aims to Regain Lost Ground

The crypto markets experienced another downturn over the weekend, squashing recent gains. While Bitcoin appears to be preparing to test lower targets, Toncoin is gearing up to reclaim its lost levels. If the bulls reassert their dominance, the TON price could rise and reach the current all-time high above $8.

Toncoin’s Resilience Amid Bearish Pressure

Toncoin has displayed remarkable strength in the past few months. Despite the prevailing bearish influence, the bulls have managed to maintain their grip. Currently, the price has dropped below the required range, raising bearish concerns. However, the trade setup suggests the price remains under bullish influence, aiming to reach a new all-time high this month.

TON Price Tests Key Resistance After Rebound

The TON price is testing an important resistance level after rebounding from the interim lows encountered during the last trading day. The price experienced a fakeout in early June, and analysts expect the price to reclaim the range, potentially leading to another fakeout soon. The price may encounter a crucial resistance zone around $7.25 to $7.30, which could push the price towards $7.65.

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Concerns Arise from RSI Trend

The trend of the Relative Strength Index (RSI) raises concerns about the upcoming price action. The RSI has been constantly forming lower lows and highs, which is a bearish signal. The next few hours could be crucial, as a failure to hold the $7 level may trigger a fresh bearish case, potentially extending to $6.10. However, if the RSI rises back above the average, the bearish trajectory may be averted, paving the way for a fresh upswing.

In conclusion, the Toncoin market is showing signs of recovery after the recent weekend selloff. While the overall crypto market sentiment remains cautious, the bullish momentum in Toncoin is gaining traction. Investors will closely monitor the price action and the RSI trend to gauge the potential for a sustained bullish run in the coming days.

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