The World First Combinable NFT Project Launches its Mainnet

The World First Combinable NFT Project Launches its Mainnet

As part of Cradles and Dragontar’s mission to improve NFT use cases, a new mini-game is being developed that will give users more opportunities to play and earn.

Dragontar Club Launches Mainnet

According to a press release on January 11, Dragontar, the world’s first combinable NFT project, has announced the launch of its mainnet. To show players for the first time that in-game tokens can be traded, exchanged, and taken apart,, Dragontar was modified to open up multiple options for the use of NFTs.

Dragontar is venturing off the beaten path, allowing players to bid, trade, and collect components instead of NFTs, ensuring that users can seamlessly remove or add certain NFT components on the platform. By harnessing the enormous potential of EIP-3664, simplified NFT infrastructure and on-chain development to achieve significant functional improvements, the project will seek to revolutionize the existing NFT space.

EIP-3664 is combinable, separable and modifiable, thus providing developers with the ability to create and initiate various NFT operations on the immutable distributed ledger blockchain technology.

DRepublic founder T.Y. noted that Dragontar Club represents the next generation of NFTs – modular and combinable, customizable and evolving – that will open up a wide range of new use cases to please gamers and NFT enthusiasts. The NFT of life, but Dragontar Club is a call for it a more dynamic and dynamic NFT that opens up endless possibilities.

In addition to being a pioneer project, these Dragontar NFTs also serve as a showcase for the growing Cradles community. Representing Cradles’ relentless focus on community development, owners of these NFTs will be eligible to play mini-games and earn substantial rewards in return. In addition, owners of these tokens can remove or add any accessories they see fit while retaining the right to effectively exchange these tokens.

EIP-3664 Compatibility

These modular NFTs leverage the EIP-3664 standard and are also compatible with the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 token standards, which are used in blockchain-based games, and which allow developers to deploy an unlimited number of tokens through smart contracts known as Ethereum’s ultimate token is of ideal token quality and, unsurprisingly, it is compatible with Dragontar NFTs.

Metacore Workplace and Marketplace

Unlike other NFTs, holders can trade them after you buy them. EIP-3664 NFTs require a workstation for players to take action, so the Dragontar team has released an all-in-one platform – Metacore, a brand new workstation and marketplace for 3664 NFTs. Once users receive Dragontar NFTs, they can simply visit Metacore Labs and click My Computer to start working on their NFTs.

Dragontar NFT is currently listed on tofuNFT. Drepublic Labs announced that the team will continue to update Dragontar components for the community, with 1 to 2 free components per month, only for Dragontar NFT holders.

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