The Shiba Inu Game ‘Shiba Eternity’ Is Now Available in Australia


The popular cryptocurrency project, Shiba Inu, announced the news in a tweet today, saying that SHIBArmy members living in Australia can now download its new game, “Shib Eternity”.

The game is currently only available on iOS devices, but plans are in the works to make it available to Australian Android users as well.

“Congratulations ShibArmy, ShibaEternity launches in Australia! Available in the Apple App Store at this time. Google Play Store is launching soon!” Shiba Inu tweeted. 

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Shiba Inu Working to Increase Shiba Eternity Adoption

The Shiba Inu team is working hard to boost the adoption of Shiba Eternity as part of an effort to test the game’s performance ahead of its global release. Remember that last month, the Shiba Inu project’s team released the game for early testing in Vietnam? The game was well received, with over 3,000 downloads in just a few weeks. However, based on the massive downloads, the development team determined that the game’s server capacity needed to be increased by more than 50x. Undoubtedly, more people will download the game once it is fully released.

Steps are being taken to increase the game’s adoption once it is released. Last month, TheCryptoBasic reported that Shiba Eternity consultant William Volk showcased the game at the world’s largest gaming event.

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