The Everest ($EVR) Begins Official IDO Presale Today


Decentralised mobility-as-a-service platform, Everest has announced the official IDO presale of its native token, $EVR, on its website, starting from the 20th of April to the 4th of May.

According to the announcement, $EVR is selling at 1Algo for 74.62 $EVR, with a minimum purchase for the private sale being 100 Algo. 

The private sale starts from the 20th of April to the 26th of April with our $EVR selling at 1Algo for 74.62 $EVR, after which the Public sale will kick off and runs from the 27th of April to the 4th of May with the minimum purchase of 25 Algo.

The Everest Platform

Everest is a decentralised mobility-as-a-service platform built on the Algorand blockchain that supplies urban transportation and logistics.

Everest has created an ecosystem for transportation and logistics services to thrive and grow on a secure and decentralised blockchain network.

The main aim of the mobility-as-a-service protocol is to take the development of the transportation and logistics sector in Africa and beyond to the next level. 

The Everest platform is driven by blockchain technology with ($EVR) as its native token. It operates on smart contracts, distributed ledger technology and a transparent system with maximum efficiency guarantee. The protocol is built to connect drivers, riders, and other stakeholders, leading to a tokenised economy of services and exchange.

How To Participate

Everest network has made the presale process very seamless for users. Simply follow this link to learn how to take part in the event. Or visit their official website to buy now.

Furthermore, you have to fill the provided google form so as to get whitelisted for the IDO.

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