The Biggest Update Ever for Shiba Eternity

The Biggest Update Ever for Shiba Eternity

According to a tweet from Mazrael (@Materocks), a member of the Shiba Inu games team, version 1.1.4 of Shiba Eternity has been released. 

Version 1.1.4 of the Shiba Eternity video game, which features Shiba Inus, contains at least ten Key fixes.

Notably, it is the game’s second update since its launch and maybe the biggest one thus far.

The most recent version of Shiba Eternity contains at least 10 significant updates, avoiding various in-game exploits and enhancing the gameplay experience, according to patch notes published by Shiba Eternity Discord moderator Queenie.

The first update for the game was released at the end of November. 

Despite Shytoshi Kusama’s assertions that the upgrade will cure more than 100 issues, according to patch notes provided by Queenie, it only included two “hotfixes.” 

Remarkably, the upgrade resolved problems that led to players’ rank loss and inaccurate information displayed by the information button on the discipline selection screen.

Shiba Eternity is the Highest-Rated Card Game

As previously reported, the eagerly awaited Shiba Inu mobile card collection game launched in October. 

Combining the statistics from the Apple and Android app stores, it has gotten over 250,000 downloads, and as of the time of publication, it has a 4.8-star rating on both platforms.

The project’s consultant, seasoned game developer William Volk, claimed in a tweet yesterday that it was one of his best works.

Volk tweeted, “I am proud of this amazing team.” “This [Shiba Eternity] is the highest-rated card game and one of the best things I have worked on in my entire career.”

In particular, the emphasis currently is on promoting the game, the blockchain version, and Shibarium, as Shiba Inu head creator Shytoshi Kusama stated in the blog post published alongside the 1150-page book in early November.

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