The Best 5 Highly-Anticipated Projects on Aptos

The Best 5 Highly-Anticipated Projects on Aptos

Aptos Labs, a Web3 startup, is developing a Layer-1 blockchain that has the potential to revolutionise smart contracts and decentralised applications. Aptos differs from other smart contract platforms because it offers more scalability and quicker transaction times. 

Instead, it’s a lot more narrowly focused infrastructure platform that builds on Diem, a blockchain developed by Facebook parent firm Meta Platforms and abandoned early this year.

Aptos, which has been dubbed a potential “Solana killer” by many, is the most well-known attempt to create the ideal blockchain for smart contracts. This programming language underpins the vast NFT, DAO, and DeFi universes.

The Aptos ecosystem is happy to welcome NFT projects developing scalable communities prepared to go live after performing successfully on their testnet. This guide has compiled information on the most well-liked Aptos NFT projects you should be on the lookout for as we anticipate a surge in the Aptos NFT market.

Here Are the Top 5 Anticipated Projects on Aptos

Aptos Monkeys

With over 10,000 active members on its Discord server, Aptos Monkeys is another favourite among Aptos users. Aptos Monkeys looks more cartoonish but has an essential, lively touch compared to other primates’ NFTs on Ethereum and Flow.

The Aptos Monkeys have a set of principles that they live by, including Community, which involves building a supportive, upbeat, and enthusiastic community to advance the brand and the Aptos ecosystem, and Broader Outreach. 

This entails developing a brand that native Aptos members can use to connect with one another and make connections for the ecosystem’s continued expansion.

There is yet more to learn about the collection’s size, pricing, and release date. But the team has already taken some action, sharing monkey lore and comics, making 1/1 monkey PFPs for Aptos developers, and organising art competitions with community OG roles as rewards.

Rekt Dogs

Rekt Dogs is one of the largest communities on the Aptos network right now, with a Twitter following that has surpassed 27000 and a Discord community with nearly 6000 people actively engaged for a chance to mint the Rekt Dogs NFT when the Aptos network becomes online.

This Aptos project is a web3 brand created in the bear market to recognise and support the creators and believers who continue to develop during challenging times. 

The team stated that there are 6666 Rekt Dogs in total, and the mint date is set to the opening of the Aptos Mainnet, meaning that they want to release this collection on the same day that Aptos goes live.

Bruh Bears

The most talked-about NFT collection in the Aptosverse, according to Spooks, a dependable community data tracking service, is Bruh Bears. 

The adorable pixel bears known as Bruh Bears, which can act as both your profile photo (PFP) and on-chain identification, have been praised by Aptos co-founder Mo Shaikh as an avatar with high potential.

According to their goal statement on their official website, Bruh Bears wants to attract fans of digital art and promote the widespread use of Aptos NFTs. 

Follow the newest changes closely if you want to secure a bear in the subsequent releases or giveaways. Unfortunately, there is no information yet on the collection’s release date, floor price, or size.


Aptoads describes itself as a project in the following manner: 

“To our knowledge, we are the first community-oriented collection establishing ourselves on Aptos! We believe the best and brightest minds are headed to Aptos, and this select group will find themselves sharing alpha, building community, and partaking in the degenerate activity.”

One of the first collections to arise in the Aptosverse is Aptoads, ranked top 10 in terms of community size by Spooks. It has charming pixel toads with unique abilities and varying rarities.

The team intends to release the frogs on their NFT marketplace Pond the same day the Aptos mainnet launches, and there are 6969 of them. In addition, you may currently obtain early access (sometimes referred to as whitelist slots) to the Aptoads collection by participating in their Discord community activities.

The Uglies

The Uglies is the first and most offensive NFT on Aptos, having been updated with dark forces from Aptoka (a planet from the metaverse where Uglies dominate). 

The team has laid out a roadmap for NFT holders that includes the establishment of an official token for Aptoka, creating an ugly DAO, exploring the metaverse, and collaborating with other projects to build a larger and more powerful community.

The Uglies have a growing community, and the NFT art speaks for what it portrays itself as, with over 6000 Discord users and over 10,000 Twitter followers.


After the devnet ran with many testers, Aptos, the next best thing to happen to the blockchain world, is already performing successfully on its testnet.

Here are some hand-picked NFT projects on Aptos that you should check out and not miss having in your collection. 

As usual, we are sharing with you the top NFT projects on Aptos that are already working on developing the community and sharing their vision with the consumers.

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