Terra Luna Classic Community Votes on New Forum Proposal Amid Controversy

Terra Classic (LUNC)

The Terra Luna Classic community members suggest a boycott of the existing forum, advocating for a shift to an official Commonwealth forum. Simultaneously, the community is voting on a proposal to implement crucial changes to breathe new life into Terra Luna Classic. 

Certain members actively promote a separate proposal for a community-led commonwealth platform within this process. However, this proposal is facing resistance from some members of the community.

Terra Luna Classic Contemplates Shift to Official Community Forum

The Terra Luna Classic community is voting on Proposal 11947, “Create official community commonwealth platform,” via the station wallet. This proposal seeks to gauge the community’s sentiment regarding establishing an official community-led commonwealth platform. This is similar to existing elements such as the Station wallet, apps, and infrastructure.

During the initial voting phase, the proposal received 47.29% “Yes” votes, 0.36% “No” votes, and 52.29% “Abstain” votes. Notably, the proposal is co-signed by a diverse group of entities. This includes Air Force Lunc, Axiom Consortium, Lunable Labs (Ben Smith), BRLG Lunc Brasil, and others.

The primary objective of the proposal is to shift away from the current third-party Commonwealth forum in favour of establishing an official forum. The rationale behind this change is to address inadequacies observed in the existing platform, including instances of racism, doxxing, harassment, and insufficient moderation. The proposal emphasises the urgent need for improvement and consistency in dealing with these issues.

According to the proposal, some community members have reservations about using the current platform and have faced disputes with moderators. Despite previous efforts to enhance the platform, there has been a perceived need for measurable improvement in addressing the identified issues within the forum.

Price Action of LUNC and USTC

Over the past 24 hours, LUNC has experienced a 1% decrease in price, currently trading at $0.000155. The day’s trading range fluctuated between a low of $0.000153 and a high of $0.000161. Notably, the trading volume has seen a notable 41% decline during this period.

Simultaneously, the price of USTC stands at $0.0339, reflecting a 1% decline over the past 24 hours. This follows a significant 15% decrease in price for the previous week. The 24-hour price range for USTC oscillated between $0.0331 and $0.0351.

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