Terra Luna Classic Boosts Security with 30M LUNC Delegation to Hexxagon

Terra Classic (LUNC) Poised for Growth Amid Market Activity and Token Burns

Hexxagon, a key player in the Terra Luna Classic ecosystem, recently received another 30 million LUNC in delegation. Hexxagon operates crucial platforms like Galaxy Station and Galaxy Finder, providing node hosting and staking services essential for the network’s smooth operation. Nearly a year ago, on July 28, 2023, Terra Luna Classic’s core developer group, Joint L1 Task Force (L1TF), partnered with Hexxagon. Hexxagon is not just a validator but also a team of skilled developers. 

This collaboration aimed to enhance security for community-owned platforms like Station, Finder, and the web wallet extension. Although the community had mixed reactions due to Hexxagon’s links to the developer group Terra Rebels, the partnership proceeded with the goal of building a secure, community-owned wallet. This initiative received funding through Proposal 11645, approved by the community.

Development And Maintenance Responsibilities

Hexxagon took on developing key components like Station, Finder, and the wallet web extension. They also manage maintenance and infrastructure for these platforms. The Joint L1 Task Force assists by conducting assessments, reviewing, and checking all pull requests to ensure smooth operations. 

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Hexxagon and L1TF operate under the same account, owned by the Joint L1 Task Force, known as the Terra Classic Task Force. Professor Edward Kim oversees the “terraclassic.community” domain, adding another layer of oversight.

Community Reactions And Economic Impact

The recent delegation of 30 million LUNC to Hexxagon has attracted attention within the Terra Classic community. Many members view this as a positive step towards strengthening the network’s infrastructure. They believe Hexxagon’s involvement will enhance the reliability and security of the Terra Classic ecosystem. From an economic perspective, this significant delegation could impact the price of LUNC. Increased delegation often signals confidence in the network, potentially attracting more investors. 

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If Hexxagon successfully enhances the network’s infrastructure, it could lead to increased usage and demand for LUNC. However, community trust is crucial. Transparency and effective management by Hexxagon and L1TF could positively influence the LUNC price. Conversely, any missteps could lead to volatility and uncertainty due to the network’s infamous history. As of July 2, the Terra Classic price was down by 1.83% to $0.00008063, with a market capitalization of $441.41 million. The trading volume dropped 7.59% to $14.24 million. Nevertheless, the Terra Luna Classic community has initiated LUNC token burns. On Monday, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, sent 1.7 billion LUNC tokens to its burn wallet, marking the 23rd batch in its ongoing effort to reduce the LUNC supply. 

With this transaction, Binance has burned almost 62 billion LUNC in total, while the Terra Luna Classic community has collectively burned more than 125 billion LUNC tokens. Since 2022, Binance has supported the community’s revival efforts through its monthly token burn mechanism.

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