Terra Classic: USTC Price Surges Over 272% After Community Proposal Approval

Terra Classic (LUNC)

The Terra Luna Classic community rejoices as a pivotal proposal gains approval, driving the prices of LUNC and USTC to new heights. The recent surge in Terra Classic USD (USTC) and Terra Classic (LUNC) prices is fueled by strategic developments within the Terra ecosystem.

USTC Price Soars Over 272% in 24 Hours

USTC experienced an astounding 272.33% price surge in just 24 hours, reaching $0.06377. The former stablecoin’s intraday volume skyrockets by over 2,000%, reaching approximately $791.21 million. USTC’s positive performance extends its weekly gains to 378.67%, making it one of the top-trending cryptocurrencies.

USTC/USDT Daily Chart

Terra Classic (LUNC) simultaneously witnesses a substantial 50.04% price increase, reaching $0.0001188. Despite retracing over 100% from its all-time high in April 2022, LUNC showcases notable positive momentum.

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Terra’s Strategic Developments Propel Prices

The surge in USTC and LUNC prices is attributed to recent strategic moves by Terra, including plans to integrate the FeeShare module. This module aims to reward contributors to the Terra network, with 50% of on-chain transaction fees allocated to contract owners and the remaining 50% to LUNA stakers.

While Terra celebrates these successes, founder Do Kwon grapples with legal battles, facing challenges from the U.S. SEC and dealing with legal complexities in multiple jurisdictions.

Terraform Labs Injects $15 Million for Enhanced Liquidity

Terraform Labs injects $15 million into the ecosystem to boost liquidity for assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum on decentralized exchanges. This strategic move addresses liquidity challenges and sets the stage for further capital disbursement to Terra protocols in the future.

The approval of the TFL Community Grant proposal and the ongoing voting process for the FeeShare module underscore the importance of community support. The proposed model, if approved, promises to incentivize further teams to contribute to the Terra network.

Capital Injection Solves Cold Start Challenge

The $15 million capital injection strategically addresses the cold start challenge faced by the Terra (LUNA) protocol. This move ensures enough liquidity for users to trade prominent assets and creates opportunities for developers to build robust DeFi applications.


Terra’s Ongoing Transformation Supported by the Community

As Terra exemplifies legal challenges and implements transformative developments, the community remains a driving force. Integrating the FeeShare module and the capital injection exemplifies Terra’s commitment to innovation and community-driven growth.

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