Terra Classic Set to Integrate AI for LUNC Burn; What to Expect?

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Block Entropy, an application chain powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can potentially transform the chain, is set to be integrated into Terra Classic (LUNC). This integration might raise the Price of LUNC.

Recent images of the product’s partially finished whitepaper were released by Edward Kim, a key developer of the Terra classic blockchain, who also noted that the project was still in development.

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About the Block Entropy

Block Entropy is an AI application built on top of Terra Classic, enabling the development of a new blockchain-powered by AI and can support a wide range of AI-based applications. When it is set up, the product will only support a few “machine-learning inference tasks.” As mentioned by Kim, they intend to include support for distributed training, fine-tuning, python APIs, and SNARK verification.

In addition, Kim anticipates Block Entropy’s testnet to become accessible to the general public “sometime in mid-May.” It should be noted that even while the product is still in development, its testnet will only be able to support a small number of ML inference applications, such as AI picture diffusion, text language models, and music production. 

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that using the testnet won’t be free. Kim said, “To obtain TestNet tokens, you will have to send real LUNC to the burn address and enter the transaction hash into the TestNet faucet.”

Kim also emphasized the progress made with the Interchain Accounts (ICA) module, a significant part of the development that has already been finished. On the LUNC L1 TestNet, the ICA is presently being tested. He claims that after testing is complete, the module must go through the approval of a governance proposal before being added to LUNC.

What Does This Mean for Terra Classic? 

Adding AI to the LUNC platform is a significant advancement for the network as more cryptocurrency-related businesses employ AI to enhance user experiences and corporate operations. 

The value of LUNC can rise to $1 as it becomes more valuable over time, and burns and stakes reduce the supply in circulation. As Terra Classic (LUNC) gains popularity due to its use of AI products, this new development would also aid in driving up its price.

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