Technical Support Sponsored by TerraCVita Now Available For Hacked LUNC Delegations

Edward Kim Proposes Solution to Reimburse Affected LUNC Users

According to a tweet from TerraCVita, the Terra Classic development group and network validator have launched technical assistance to support Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) delegators who fall victim to the hack.   

However, the validator acknowledged that they might only get some of it back.

“We have technical assistance for those with hacked delegations… we cannot promise to save it all, but we can certainly try,” TerraCVita tweeted, pointing users to the validator Discord.

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It has yet to be determined whether this service is available to all LUNC holders or those who delegate with the TerraCVita validator. Also undisclosed is whether hacking has increased recently. Community members’ questions have yet to receive a response from TerraCVita. Fxcryptonews has confirmed that no other delegators or well-known community members have voiced similar worries.

Notably, fxcryptonews noted that Allnodes had introduced a comparable tool for coin delegators in November. The StakeRecover service, first known as the Anti-Scam Help service, guarantees that users can withdraw their delegated assets before malicious hackers may do so during the unbinding time. Only users of the Ledger, Keplr, and Cosmostation wallets can currently access the service.

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Terra Classic Anticipates the Launch of a New Dapps

Another encouraging development was when TerraCVita announced last Thursday that it was collaborating with Unity, a new network validator, to introduce another decentralized application (DApp) to the Terra Classic network.

According to TerraCVita’s tweet, the validator is run by a group of DApp developers. The Unity development team states that 75% of its rewards go toward development. Data from LUNCPenguins shows that Unity presently holds the 67th spot among active Terra Classic validators with over 445 million LUNC delegated.

In a tweet earlier today, Ivan@Unity (@Ivandoesit), a Unity development team co-owner, suggested creating a Lend & Borrow app on the network that would share a homepage interface.

It’s relevant to note that TerraCVita has already launched a casino that has burned at least 1 million LUNC. Seeing a burn mechanism in the Lend & Borrow app won’t come as a surprise.

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