South Korean Officials Raid the Co-founder of Terraform Labs’ Office

Terra Rebels Notifies LUNC Investors of a Scam Token

Daniel Shin, a co-founder of Terraform Labs, established Chai Corporation, which was searched by the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office. It reportedly summoned Shin earlier this week as part of another inquiry into the sale of pre-issuance Luna tokens. According to a report, Terraform Labs co-founder Daniel Shin’s (Shin Hyun-Seung) Chai Corporation, a payments technology […]

Terra Classic Users Now Need 1M LUNC To Initiate New Proposals

TerraCVita Set to Release LUNC DEX in Q1 of 2023

Author of proposal 6082 Classy Crypto, a well-known community influencer, tweeted on Wednesday that the bid was now active on the Terra Classic network. According to the information provided, 99.83% of the community members supported the idea. According to Classy Crypto, the innovation is the first step in combating fraud on the community-owned blockchain. FXCryptonews […]

Do Kwon Denies All allegations; Calls Them “Politically Motivated”

Terra Luna Crash: SEC to launch Lawsuit against Terraform Labs and Do Kwon 

Charges made against Do Kwon by South Korea were seen as “politically motivated”. He declined to acknowledge that he departed Singapore or provide his current location in an interview with the Unchained podcast. Do Kwon, the creator of Terra has referred to the accusations brought against him by South Korean prosecutors as politically driven and […]

SEC is yet to Ask for Reconsideration Over Hinman Documents

Ripple Expands Into France And Sweden With Its ODL Division

Judge Torres, after backing her colleague and ordering the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to give Ripple the speech drafts of William Hinman, the organization has been rather silent. However,  SEC has only two days left to file a motion asking Judge Torres to change her mind about the papers pertaining to Hinman. Moments after […]

Analysts Predict a Significant Drop for Ripple (XRP)

Ripple Expands Into France And Sweden With Its ODL Division

Analysts expect a massive fall for XRP as they believe the price surge has ended. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez warned in a tweet on Monday that the price of XRP is about to fall to $0.42 or $0.39. “The TD Sequential presents a sell signal on XRP   3-day chart, anticipating a correction to $0.42 […]

Kwon Consents to a Podcast Invite to Explain His Decision to Avoid South Korea

Terra LUNC Community Approves New Measure to Reduce Tax Burn

Do Kwon, the founder and CEO of TerraForm Labs (TFL), has consented to discuss his decision not to return to South Korea to face his accusers in a podcast. He offers to explain his reasons for hiding.  During a Twitter conversation, the Terra CEO revealed this to Laura Shin, a cryptocurrency writer and the host […]

LUNC/Shiba News: EU Announces Ban of All Russian Crypto Wallets, Accounts and Services

LUNC/Shiba News: EU Announces Ban of All Russian Crypto Wallets, Accounts and Services

New sanctions against Russia over its conflict with Ukraine received final EU approval Today. The EU’s eighth sanctions package aims to reduce Russian product sales revenue. This package includes new export restrictions that will further deny the military and industrial complex of the Kremlin essential parts and technologies, as well as new import bans from […]

The Ripple Army Will Keep Expanding, Says Former US Congressional Candidate

Ripple Expands Into France And Sweden With Its ODL Division

Despite the disdain of some for the project, Gokhshtein Media’s founder and former US Congressional candidate David Gokhshtein is optimistic about the development of the Ripple (XRP) community. The founder of Gokhshtein Media denounces XRP trolls and predicts further growth of the Ripple Army.  “The More You Hate XRP, The Bigger The Army Grows.”  Despite […]