Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 | Is ATLAS Worth Holding IN 2024?

Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2030, 2035 | Is ATLAS Worth Holding IN 2024?


The world of cryptocurrencies has experienced a remarkable transformation over the past decade, becoming a significant force in global finance. This growing influence is largely driven by the decentralization and innovative use cases of blockchain technology, which have spurred the creation of numerous digital assets with diverse functionalities. One such intriguing development in the crypto space is Star Atlas (ATLAS), a unique cryptocurrency associated with a groundbreaking virtual gaming metaverse.

Star Atlas represents a fusion of cutting-edge gaming technology and decentralized finance, offering a glimpse into the future of both industries. This article delves into the intricacies of Star Atlas, exploring its unique features, the potential future of its token, and whether it is worth holding as an investment. We will also provide detailed price predictions for the years 2024, 2025, 2030, and 2035, and a comprehensive guide on how to buy and store Star Atlas securely.

Cryptocurrency Overview

What Is Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

Star Atlas is a massive multiplayer online (MMO) game set in a futuristic virtual metaverse. Built on Unreal Engine 5, the game promises cinema-quality, real-time environments that transport players to the year 2620. In this setting, three major factions—MUD (humankind), ONI (a consortium of alien races), and Ustur (sentient androids)—compete for resources and control.

The game blends several genres, including strategy, exploration, flight simulation, and role-playing. Players can develop tactical plans, explore an abundance of stars, engage in first-person flight, and mine resources to generate revenue. Initially, players start in faction security zones without combat to explore basic gameplay. As they progress, they can venture into medium-tier security and open gameplay zones where combat is possible.

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Who Are The Founders Of Star Atlas?

Star Atlas was founded by a team of seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds:

  • Michael Wagner (CEO): Previously worked at a VC fund and Multichain Ventures, a company focused on blockchain products.
  • Pablo Quiroga (COO): Founder of a supplement startup and has experience in biotechnology.
  • Danny Floyd (CPO): Responsible for product design and development.
  • Jacob Floyd (CTO): Oversees the technical aspects of the game.

What Makes Star Atlas Token Unique?

Star Atlas aims to deliver an immersive metaverse gaming experience that combines multiple genres and cinema-quality visuals with the ability to earn virtual assets that can be exchanged for real-life currency. The game stands out by integrating several gameplay possibilities that no other blockchain game currently offers. Players can:

  • Use the ATLAS token as in-game currency to purchase assets.
  • Buy NFTs on the NFT marketplace, functioning as ships and in-game equipment.
  • Choose from various professions, such as bounty hunter or pirate.
  • Form decentralized autonomous corporations (DACs) to construct space cities with micro-economies.
  • Use the POLIS token for governance in space cities and game decisions.
  • Engage in trading and liquidity provision on the Serum DEX.

How Many Star Atlas Coins Are There in Circulation?

Star Atlas announced an initial exchange offering on FTX in August, allocating $1 million worth of ATLAS tokens. An additional $500,000 was distributed through an initial decentralized exchange offering on Raydium.

How Is the Star Atlas Network Secured?

Star Atlas operates on the Solana blockchain, chosen for its fast transaction times and low fees. Solana employs a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with partial Byzantine Fault Tolerance, supported by 1500 nodes capable of processing up to 50,000 transactions per second. This makes it the only blockchain currently capable of hosting such an ambitious game.

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Star Atlas (ATLAS) Price Predictions by Year

Below is a table of predicted maximum, average, and minimum prices for Star Atlas (ATLAS) for each year from 2024 to 2035:

YearMaximum Price ($)Average Price ($)Minimum Price ($)

Detailed Yearly Predictions


Maximum Price: $0.8 | Average Price: $0.5 | Minimum Price: $0.1

In 2024, Star Atlas is expected to gain more traction as the gaming metaverse continues to evolve. Factors influencing the price include:

  • Market Trends: The overall growth of the crypto market and increasing adoption of blockchain gaming.
  • Technological Advancements: Improvements in Unreal Engine 5 and the Solana blockchain.
  • Partnerships: Potential collaborations with other gaming or blockchain projects.
  • Market Sentiment: Increased interest in metaverse and play-to-earn models.


Maximum Price: $1.0 | Average Price: $0.8 | Minimum Price: $0.7

By 2025, Star Atlas could solidify its position in the metaverse gaming space. Key factors include:

  • User Base Growth: Expanding the number of active players and DACs.
  • Game Development: Addition of new features and improvements in gameplay.
  • Economic Integration: Enhanced NFT marketplace and DeFi integration.
  • Regulatory Environment: Favorable regulations for blockchain gaming and NFTs.


Maximum Price: $1.9 | Average Price: $1.4 | Minimum Price: $1.1

In 2030, Star Atlas might be a well-established entity in the gaming and crypto ecosystems. Influential factors include:

  • Technological Maturity: Advanced VR and AR integrations, and more sophisticated game mechanics.
  • Community Engagement: Strong community support and participation in governance through POLIS.
  • Global Reach: Wider adoption across different regions and platforms.
  • Economic Stability: A stable and robust in-game economy driving demand for ATLAS and POLIS tokens.


Maximum Price: $3.0 | Average Price: $2.6 | Minimum Price: $2.0

By 2035, Star Atlas could be at the forefront of the metaverse, influencing both gaming and virtual economies. Factors to consider:

  • Long-Term Adoption: Continued growth in the player base and broader acceptance of virtual worlds.
  • Innovative Features: Persistent updates and unique game experiences keeping players engaged.
  • Interoperability: Seamless integration with other metaverse platforms and blockchain networks.
  • Sustainability: A self-sustaining in-game economy with robust governance and economic policies.

Buying Guide

How to Buy Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Purchasing Star Atlas is a straightforward process, similar to acquiring other cryptocurrencies. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choosing an Exchange:
  • Star Atlas is available on several exchanges, including Binance and Select an exchange that best suits your needs in terms of fees, security, and user interface.
  1. Setting Up an Account:
  • Once you’ve chosen an exchange, the next step is to set up an account. This typically involves providing some personal information and going through a verification process.
  1. Selecting Payment Methods:
  • After your account is set up and verified, link a payment method. Most exchanges accept bank transfers, credit cards, and sometimes even PayPal.
  1. Buying Star Atlas (ATLAS):
  • Once your payment method is set up, you can buy ATLAS tokens. Search for ATLAS on the exchange, specify the amount you wish to purchase, and execute the trade.
  1. Storing Star Atlas Securely:
  • After purchasing ATLAS, it’s essential to store it securely. While you can keep it in your exchange wallet, transferring it to a private wallet, such as a hardware wallet, is more secure, especially if you plan to hold it long-term.

How Can Crypto Investors Use Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

Crypto investors have several ways to use Star Atlas:

  1. Buy and Hold:
  • Purchase Star Atlas and hold onto it, hoping its value will increase over time. This strategy is suitable for investors who believe in the long-term potential of the game and its ecosystem.
  1. Trade:
  • Actively trade Star Atlas on cryptocurrency exchanges, buying and selling tokens as the price fluctuates. This approach requires a deeper understanding of the market and more active involvement.
  1. Use The Platform:
  • Engage with the Star Atlas platform to perform tasks and earn ATLAS tokens as payment. This can be an excellent way to “earn while you learn” and gain a deeper understanding of the platform while potentially earning additional tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Star Atlas Have a Future?

Star Atlas appears to have a promising future, given its unique combination of high-quality gaming and blockchain technology. The integration of different genres and the potential for players to earn real-life currency through in-game activities make it a compelling project.

Will Star Atlas (ATLAS) Reach $10?

Predicting exact prices is challenging due to the volatile nature of the crypto market. However, reaching $10 would likely require significant growth in the player base, continued technological advancements, and widespread adoption of the game.

Is Star Atlas Secure?

Yes, Star Atlas is secure, leveraging the robust security features of the Solana blockchain. Solana’s proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and partial Byzantine Fault Tolerance ensure that transactions are processed securely and efficiently.


Star Atlas represents an exciting fusion of gaming and blockchain technology, offering a unique and immersive metaverse experience. Its dual

-token system, combining ATLAS and POLIS, provides both in-game utility and governance functionality, creating a dynamic and engaging ecosystem for players and investors alike.

While the future price of ATLAS is subject to market trends, technological advancements, and broader adoption, the project’s innovative approach and strong development team position it well for long-term success. As with all investments, potential investors should stay informed and cautious, given the volatile and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market.

In summary, Star Atlas holds significant potential, and its unique features make it an intriguing project worth monitoring and potentially investing in for those interested in the convergence of gaming and decentralized finance.

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