Sorbillo, John Richmond, Welly finally Adopts Shiba Inu as Means of Payments

Shiba Inu finally makes major announcement, launches metaverse platform ‘’Shib’’

The Shiba Inu community recently woke up to the news that NOWPayments have created a new option that will allow SHIB and LEASH holders to burn part of their profits. While they are yet to recover from the excitement, ShibaSwap blog post, the official blog of Shiba Inu, announced that Sorbollo, John Richmond and Welly would accept Shiba Inu as payments via NowPayments.

Sorbillo, John Richmond, and Welly have been partners in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. However, until now, they could not take SHIB as a form of payment.

The official blog post stated:

“But something has been missing, and that is acceptance of SHIB ecosystem payments and transactions. We know that WELLY’s, Sorbillo’s, and John Richmond will grow into something unexpected and new for the industries they represent. How can these partnerships not take $SHIB as a method of payment? You’re right, they should, and they will, and regardless of the Shibarium timeline, it’s something that should be settled for the merchants immediately.”

The main objective of NOWPayments’ new burning initiative is to bring the Shiba Inu Ecosystem and its official partners together. As a result, top brands can now contribute to the ecosystem’s token burn.

“This is why NowPayments is currently sitting with Welly’s, Sorbillo’s, and John Richmond to fully integrate SHIB and LEASH payments onto their standard of digital asset acceptance and even more so, with the latest feature applied and a % burning on each transaction.” the blog post added.

Gino Sornillo Pizza

The pizza giant announced its partnership with Shiba Inu token in Milan, Naples, Rome, and Miami on its official Twitter handle on 29 July 2021.


Welly’s, a new blockchain fast-food chain, declared its partnership with Shiba Inu on 3 February 2022. In addition, the partnership confirmed SHIB’s involvement in real-life projects with its first store in Naples, Italy.

Furthermore, the blockchain-inspired food restaurant is currently planning a global franchise and has engaged the SHIBArmy by receiving thousands of applications from them. After the application reviews, a new location will emerge as early as 2023.

John Richmond

Shiba Inu officially announced a partnership with Italy-based English fashion designer John Richmond on 28 February 2022. This partnership has created an opportunity for Shiba Inu to influence the music world through the ‘rock n roll’ fashion brand.

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