Solana Investor Pockets $2M By Investing $92, Trading SILLY

Solana Investor Pockets $2M By Investing $92, Trading SILLY

An anonymous Solana trader has flipped a $92 investment into $2 million under 30 days, amidst raising attention.

Lookonchain, a prominent blockchain monitoring platform, highlighted a noteworthy development in a recent tweet. It verifies that the trader commenced the trade 25 days ago, acquiring Silly Dragon (SILLY), a memecoin built on the Solana blockchain.

Solana Flip Story: How it happened

Per the disclosure, the skillful trader identified SILLY just five minutes after it commenced trading. He then proceeded to commit one Solana token (SOL) to the meme coin.

On December 4, during the transaction, SOL was valued at $62, and the trader acquired a substantial 43.1 million SILLY tokens. Fast forward three weeks, the trader sold 33.34 million SILLY for $528,000. Presently, on-chain data reveals the trader still possesses over nine million SILLY, surpassing a valuation of $1.2 million, though Lookonchain’s recent disclosure places it at over $1.5 million.

Solana Trader Transaction

Lookonchain positions this trader as the eighth-largest holder of SILLY, drawing attention to their notable portfolio growth.

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Interestingly, within the crypto community, there’s a lively debate surrounding the trader’s prowess. Some community members suggest that the adept execution of such transactions raises suspicions of potential insider knowledge.

Community's reactions

Similar Scenarios

This is not an isolated incident. In a parallel incident last week, a Solana investor turned a modest $242 into $250,000 in under 24 hours by investing in a meme coin right after its launch.

The recurring nature of these impeccably timed occurrences has heightened skepticism within the community that the traders are the actual developers behind the meme coins.

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