Solana Announces the Launch of Phantom Wallet on Android as SOL Addresses Overtakes Binance Chain


Popular blockchain platform Solana is currently a significant competitor to Ethereum. As a result, the platform has created projects that would make it easier for users to adopt cryptocurrency. Recently, Solana launched a new product called Phantom, a crypto wallet built to give users easy access to crypto and NFTs.

Previously, the wallet could only be accessible on the web. However, Android users can now access the wallet on their mobile devices with all the features on the web wallet.

With the Phantom wallet, users can buy, sell, receive, send, swap, store tokens and NFTs and interact with them seamlessly. Furthermore, both new and experienced users can have a favourable experience with the user-friendly design. The phantom announcement says the wallet was released after passing through 50,000 beta testers, guaranteeing the best for users.  

Solana 7-day Active Addresses Surpass BSC

The Solana project is one of the top crypto projects to watch out for, and it is no surprise that there is an increasing number of users on the network. According to data from Nansen, many active Solana addresses have overtaken that of Binance Smart Chain in the past seven days. This feat is immense because BSC is one of the top blockchains that easily link to Ethereum.

The blockchain does not shy away from trying new projects, which could be why there is an increase in active addresses. These projects include Star Atlas, Serum, GARI Network, and Audius.

Therefore, with the Phantom wallet app on Android, Solana will see a growth in users as many more people will have easy access to the wallet. Hence, Solana has what it takes to affect the crypto market in the future positively.

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