Slotie Junior Announces Plan to Open a Casino in the Metaverse

Slotie Junior Announces Plan to Open a Casino in the Metaverse

The virtual world is receiving massive attention and so is the gambling industry. The entry of casinos into the virtual world is inevitable due to the attention.

Slotie Junior Aim to Be the Las Vegas of the Metaverse

According to an announcement on their website on February 2, Slotie planned to open a casino in the metaverse. A contender has emerged from this very lucrative project dubbed Slotie Junior. Slotie Junior’s goal is simple: to be the Las Vegas of the virtual world.

The metaverse will have everything from art to movies to fashion soon. Casinos were the natural choice for the next step in this booming space. That’s why Slotie announced the SlotieVerse. Slotie Originals saw their utility in online casinos, while SlotieVerse is all about the Metaverse. It brings the casino into the virtual world and completes the social interaction that users get in a brick-and-mortar casino. Gaming in SlotieVerse isn’t just about gambling, it’s also about recreating the social component that keeps players wanting more.

SlotieVerse will create an unparalleled and immersive experience for all users. This new decentralized virtual reality platform would be a refreshing departure from the norm that the Metaverse project focuses on creating games to make money without focusing on the social aspect.

Benefits of The Slotie Junior

SlotieVerse is the ideal Metaverse casino for several reasons. 

First, each Slotie Junior gets land in the SlotieVerse. The lands will be valuable and taken together all the land owned by the Slotie Juniors will form what is known as the Slotie Junior District. All lands are available in the SlotieVerse Metaverse.

The Slotie section has 50 slot machines for players to place bets and earn EHR. EHR is an exclusive bearer reward paid to Slotie Juniors. Each junior who owns an EHR can generate additional rewards.

Slotie Juniors are also entitled to free spins, rebates and discounted tickets for slot machines and other casino games in SlotieVerse.

The Slotie District also has a wall exit for owners where teens can hold up a unique statue that they can name after themselves.

Finally, the SlotieVerse market – is a platform that allows users to trade various assets. These can range from 3D objects to new casino games and works of art. The possibilities are endless.

Slotie allows players to enter Las Vegas from the comfort of their own homes. It offers the full Las Vegas experience without the hassle of travel logistics.

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