Shytoshi Addresses the What, Why, and When of Shiba Inu SSI Launch

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Shiba Inu has recently revealed that the ecosystem will eventually link all of the applications to a blockchain-based digital identity. This means that governments and SHIB users can have more confidence in one another thanks to the Self-Sovereign Identity, or SSI. Additionally, it will allow users more choice over how their data is used and shared online. Notably, the team has worked hard to retain the decentralization principle of Shiba Inu.

The what, why, and when of the SSI implementation were discussed in a newly published blog article by Shytoshi Kusama. He claimed that big businesses generate “billions” from the sale of user data. Although officially done with consent, this is not usually done with full user consent. The SSI sought to alter this paradigm by establishing “advanced trust and decentralization.”

The article revealed that Shib SSI will encourage granular governance to address the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s complexity. According to Kusama, this will be done at a level “not realized” up until now by decentralized communities. By utilizing these technologies, he continued, “We envision a world where identity theft is a thing of the past, where personal data leaks are unheard of, where trust is inherent and not an exception. This isn’t a mere idea but a tangible future that is no longer impossible.”

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More Details About the SSI Implementation

Shib SSI will soon be implemented into Shibarium, according to the chief Shiba Inu developer. He did stress that this was not an overnight achievement. It will require “months of research,” and it won’t start until Shibarium is made available. As he said, “We are planning Shib SSI alongside a host of other features and enhancements to ensure Shibarium is resilient, powerful, and that Shib remains decentralized perpetually!”

The “Worldpaper” that will be unveiled at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in mid-August will go into more depth about the SSI. People in the community have the false impression that new Shibarium ecosystem token launches will take place shortly. Kusama categorically stated that no such development was planned and labeled the assertion as “untrue.” 

According to current reports, BONE will act as “The Passport” for Shibarium. This token will serve three functions. For delegators to receive a share of the prizes, they will “bury” this token, to start. Second, it will act as Shibarium’s “gas” token. The third benefit is that it will promote technological “governance” inside the new framework.

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