SHIB’s Evolution: Insights on Potential $0.005 and $0.025 Targets

SHIB's Evolution: Insights on Potential $0.005 and $0.025 Targets

Shiba Inu, once a symbol of incredible returns, now faces a daunting challenge in its quest to repeat history. The surge from $12 to $1 million in 2021 was remarkable, fueled by various factors including increased demand and bullish market sentiment. However, the current obstacle lies in its circulating supply, hindering further growth.

The surge to $36 billion in October 2021 marked a significant departure from its humble $11,359 market cap in January 2021. However, sustaining its upward momentum became challenging, prompting the need to reduce its circulating supply for growth.

The Birth Of a Solution: Shiba Inu Burn Campaign

To address this challenge, the community initiated the Shiba Inu burn campaign. At its core is Shibarium, the ecosystem’s layer-2 scaling solution, which aims to facilitate the burn process by utilizing a portion of gas fees. Despite efforts, community adoption of Shibarium has been sluggish, failing to produce desired outcomes.

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Shibarium has burned over 56 billion SHIB tokens since its launch and plans to shift to an automatic burn model. Calls for greater community involvement and Shibarium usage have surfaced, focusing on reaching an annual burn target of 100 trillion SHIB tokens. However, the feasibility of such a feat remains uncertain.

Forecasting The Impact

If Shibarium burns 100 trillion tokens annually from 2025, SHIB’s circulating supply could decrease to 39 trillion by 2030, removing a total of 550 trillion tokens. This reduction could potentially drive SHIB’s price to $0.005, with a market cap reaching $195 billion.

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By 2031, further burning could reduce the circulating supply to 1 trillion tokens, potentially driving SHIB’s price to $0.025, with a market cap of $25 billion. Despite these projections, the feasibility of achieving such ambitious burning targets remains uncertain.

Analysts at Changelly speculate that SHIB may hit $0.005 by 2040 and $0.025 by June 2050. However, such projections should be approached with caution and not interpreted as investment advice.

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