Shibarium New Features Revealed. What Does this Mean for Shiba Inu? 

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The lead developer of Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, has released yet another update on the continuing Shibarium scaling efforts. Kusama claims in a blog post from yesterday that the L2 blockchain has now been entirely improved and optimized while also revealing the new features included in Shibarium. The feat was accomplished by the Shibarium development team after two days of rigorous testing and adjusting variables to reach a ready state. 

Kusama intriguingly revealed the excellent features built within the L2 blockchain. Kusama claims that the development team has given Shibarium access to a cutting-edge monitoring system and additional failsafe. Additionally, the team integrated auto server reset and rate limitation at the RPC level. As a result of these enhancements, the team is now able to efficiently manage and monitor Shibarium traffic in real time while also resetting the server whenever the L2 blockchain encounters heavy traffic. 

It’s important to remember that Shibarium ran into a technical problem a few hours after it went live on the mainnet. According to reports, Shibarium recorded 160M compute units in just 30 minutes, causing a technical difficulty with the L2 blockchain. As a result, Shibarium Bridge was able to hold users’ cryptocurrency holdings valued at over $2 million. However, the team worked with other developers to control the traffic and made significant efforts to prevent a recurrence.

Shiba Inu worked with other blockchain developers to produce the new Shibarium features that Kusama unveiled. Interestingly, Kusama revealed that the group is almost ready to relaunch Shibarium for general use. 

“We are almost ready to reopen to the public,” he said.

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Shibarium to Feature Notable Projects

Kusama reassured Shiba Inu users that Shibarium will include several illustrious initiatives, including tokens, protocols, and products. There will be a wide variety of platforms available on Shibarium, just like the fantastic platforms on Eth, according to Kusama. But he cautioned customers to always do their homework before investing in any Shibarium-based enterprise. More validators will go live on Shibarium today, Kusama added, offering users more options for staking their BONE tokens. 

Additionally, Kusama disclosed his intentions to begin using the eagerly awaited ShibPaper. It is important to note that the ShibPaper is a practical strategy aimed at completely decentralizing the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Kusama emphasized the significance of putting the ShibPaper into practice this year. He asserts that the adoption of ShibPaper will give Shiba Inu a functional framework for management and governance. 

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