Shiba Inu’s Price Moon Uncertain: Insights Into 5 Upcoming Projects

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Shiba Inu’s content marketer, Lucie, took to Twitter to provide a recent update on developments within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Lucie spotlighted the community’s upcoming initiatives, encouraging an open-minded approach to market prices.

Renouncing the Bone Contract

The first item on the list revolved around the proposed renunciation of the BONE contract. Lucie emphasized that this specific initiative carries a market-focused approach, positioned to exert a significant impact on the market.

For context, contract renunciation involves giving up ownership of the BONE token contract, that is, the issuer of BONE will forfeit its authority over it as BONE undergoes a transformation into a trustless and entirely transparent entity. Also, the issuer will no longer have the capacity to generate additional BONE tokens.

There have been arguments that leading cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, have opted not to list BONE due to the fact that its contract has not yet been renounced. Interestingly, BONE is actively being  traded on several highly regarded centralised exchanges.

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Shibaswap 2.0 and Additional Releases

Additionally, Lucie brought attention to Shibaswap 2.0 as a significant milestone to be reached for the Shiba Inu community as it represents the upcoming evolution of Shiba Inu’s decentralised exchange. Anticipated enhancements and additions include broader token support and reduced fee structures.

Lucie also brought up other products within the Shiba Inu theme, such as the TREAT token, Shibahub, and the Metaverse, and when asked about their expected launch schedules, Lucie simply commented, “When it’s ready.”

Furthermore, Lucie recognized the importance of time in the process and urged the community to uphold a constructive and cooperative attitude. She cautioned that without unity and the promotion of positive energy, progress might proceed at a slower pace.

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No Guarantee of Moon 

Lucie likened the Shibarium project to these upcoming endeavours, emphasising that they are gradual steps in constructing the Shiba Inu ecosystem. She emphasised that the disclosure of these upcoming projects is not aimed at artificially inflating prices.

However, she recognized the market’s integral importance within the broader context of development efforts.

In her statement, she expressed: 

“Are we promising a wild moon? No! We’re talking about technology that’s separate from the market.”

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